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Unexpected Benefits of Fences You Need to Know

We know that deciding to bring home a privacy fence is a serious choice to make – after all, it’ll be part of your home for decades and it’s an investment, too. While you know you want the privacy, you’re not 100% sure you’re ready to commit to it. We understand – and we’ve talked hundreds of homeowners through this exact decision. So, if you’re on the fence about it, let us share some unexpected benefits of fences that might help make up your mind!

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a local fence installer serving Chester and Lancaster Counties. Keep reading to get the inside look at the unexpected benefits of installing a fence that homeowners don’t always think about – but can make a huge impact!

5 Reasons to Have a Privacy Fence

While enjoying your backyard free of the prying gaze of your neighbors is one of the main reasons to have a privacy fence, that’s just the beginning of the benefits. There are a whole range of smart advantages that come along with any high-quality fence:

Why have a privacy fence?

  1. Clearly Identify Property Lines – If you have a problem neighbor who doesn’t respect your need for privacy, they also might not respect property lines either. One of the unexpected benefits of fences is that they clearly define property lines. This can help in a situation where a neighbor may be trying to encroach on your yard, either through their behavior or by their mowing or planting.
  2. Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal – The tall and stately profile of privacy fences can bring an upscale feel to almost any home – truly, a style-focused reason to have a privacy fence.  At Smucker Fencing, we offer a range of privacy fences from sleek aluminum to rustic cedar. This ensures that whatever your personal style is, you can find a fence that makes your whole property look more beautiful. Comparing your home with and without a fence, almost everyone agrees that it looks better with it!  See some popular privacy fence styles!
  3. Safety (Especially with a Gate) – While a fence isn’t as comprehensive as a security system, it can absolutely make accessing your yard more challenging. The taller and sturdier the fence, the more protection it provides. Whether you want peace of mind that your yard is safer from intruders or animals, a fence and gate will make an impact. This is a reason to have a privacy fence that is particularly important if you have children or pets that love to spend time in the yard.
  4. Required for Pools – Bottom line, if you have a pool, you are legally required to have a fence surrounding it. That’s because a tall and strong fence with a secure gate helps to ensure that no one ever accidentally falls into your pool at any time. So, if you are planning to bring a pool to your backyard, having a fence in place lets you skip that one big step ahead of time. Learn more about pool fencing laws!
  5. Boosts Your Home’s Value – Earlier, we said a fence was an investment, and we meant it. Our final reason to have a privacy fence is that it adds to your property value. Even if you’re never planning to sell your home, it’s good to know that the choices you’re making enhance its value on the open market. It makes sense: since a privacy fence is an attractive option for you, it’s just as appealing to potential homebuyers, too.


Wood & Vinyl: Our Most Popular Styles  

These benefits of having a fence are true regardless of what type of fence you’re buying. The two common privacy fence styles are vinyl and wood. Both of these fences provide unbeatable privacy and safety in your yard. The big differences come down to their appearances and a few practical advantages.

Vinyl fences are generally seen as the more practical choice as they will last longer than a wooden privacy fence since they’ll never succumb to rot and mold. While you can expect a wooden fence to last between 15 and 20 years, a vinyl fence can easily last 50 years or more. On top of that, wooden fences require maintenance like re-staining or painting to make it to that 20-year mark – while vinyl fences will never need any serious work at all.  Of course, if you love the amazing rustic look of a wood fence, these downsides won’t matter too much!

Compare vinyl and wooden fences here!

Cedar wood fence on slanted backyard


Bring the Benefits of a Fence Home Today

Feeling a little more confident to get the fence you need? We’re here to help. The first step to bringing all the benefits of a fence to your property is a conversation with our team. We offer everyone a no-obligation, at-home consultation – during which we’ll show you your style options, measure your yard, and give you a price to take care of everything!


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