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Tall Fences You Can Bring to Your Backyard

A strong fence is one of the ways to make your yard safe, secure, and (potentially) secluded. For homeowners who want to maximize this protection, the higher the fence, the better. There’s a common misconception that tall fences are ONLY for privacy, but in fact they are useful for delivering several smart benefits.

Tall aluminum privacy fence


At Smucker Fencing, we install a wide range of fence products, styles, and, of course, different heights. We’re highlighting the best options for tall fences that bring complete security to your property along with a distinguished aesthetic. Keep reading to look in-depth at each of the most popular high fence ideas – or reach out and talk to our team to get started right now!


High Fence Ideas: For Security, Privacy, & More

The most common reasons we hear for homeowners wanting a tall fence are backyard privacy (particularly for a pool), keeping a rambunctious dog safely in their yard, or eliminating the risk of yard trespassers. Whatever the reason you want a tall fence, you can find a fence that meets your needs in the material you like best. These are three of the most popular high fence ideas to consider for your home:


Tall Vinyl Fences  Tall fence surrounding backyard with seclusion

The clean and elegant look of vinyl can also be extremely effective at keeping prying eyes off your yard. These high fence panels completely block the line of sight, and the colors often match well with the look of a new pool. From a security standpoint, From a security standpoint, the completely flat vinyl panels prove challenging for some to climb. And finally, vinyl is a practical choice since little maintenance is needed other than cleaning, and they last more than 50 years!

Maximum Height: 8 Feet


✔️ Outstanding Privacy

✔️ Two-Tone Color Options

✔️ Low Maintenance Needs

✔️ Very Hard to Climb

✔️ 50+ Year Lifespan

Perfect For: Providing Backyard Privacy for Your New Pool


Tall Aluminum Fences High fence around pool

This high fence idea guarantees a sleek modern style with protection you can count on. When you accessorize your aluminum fence with spears or triads, it isn’t hard to visualize it as a true security fence. When it comes to providing maximum strength, our industrial grade aluminum is one of the best options on the market. The added strength can be essential for big athletic dogs who want to escape the confines of their yard. Completing an aluminum fence with a driveway gate is a great method to further enhance security. From a practical perspective, aluminum fences never require maintenance and will easily last a lifetime!

Maximum Height: 8 Feet


✔️ Extra Strong & Durable Construction

✔️Pairs Well with a Driveway Gate

✔️ Makes Security Look Upscale

✔️ No Maintenance Needed

✔️ 50+ Year Lifespan

Perfect For: Security, or for Keeping Big Dogs in the Yard


Tall Wood Fences  Wooden high fence protecting backyard

Wooden fences come in the widest variety of styles, from ranch style fences, short picket fences, and even wooden privacy fences. Tall wooden fences can stretch to 8-foot heights and offer similar privacy to a tried-and-true vinyl option. While the wooden material will create a rustic feel the other materials can’t match, the wood will need more maintenance and won’t last as long. However, these fence panels have a small gap to the ground so they can be very effective at containing dogs that dig!

Maximum Height: 8 Feet


✔️ Effective Privacy

✔️ Unique Look

✔️ Hard for Dogs to Dig Under

Perfect For: One of-a-Kind Rustic Style and Keeping Dogs that Dig in Your Yard


A Note about Fence Height Ordinances

We hope one of these high fence ideas meets your needs and sparks your imagination! While we offer fences up to 8 feet tall, many municipalities and townships don’t permit fences higher than 6 feet for residential properties. Make sure to check with your local ordinances before having anything installed. By far the most common height of tall fences we install is 6 feet as it provides more than enough privacy and security for almost anyone.

Tall privacy fence for driveway


Get Quotes to Install These Tall Fences

If you’re ready to bring the privacy, protection, and impressive style of a high fence to your home, we’d love to work with you. If you know for sure which of these tall fences will fit your needs and prove to be the perfect complement to your home’s curb appeal, schedule a consultation and get a quote. However, if you’re still deciding, talk to our team – we’re here to help!

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