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Explore Our Popular Ranch Style Fences

The distinct look of these ranch style fences is truly timeless. After all, they are still some of the most popular fences on the market. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting your options for fences like this – and showcasing the modern take on the farm style fence.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re an experienced fence installer that serves Chester and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania. We install a truly diverse array of fences for homes and estates, including ranch style fences. Keep reading for a closer look at the leading choices – or reach out right now to get prices!

Farmhouse fenced yard


Breaking Down Rustic Farm Style Fences

These rustic farm style fences evoke the image of a classic American homestead, bringing that feel to any suburban home. These fences work well with the more traditional farmhouse aesthetic as well as new builds in the contemporary style. These are the models of farm style fences and what you can expect if you bring one to your home:


Split Rail Fence   

Farm style fence on ranch property

The most rustic fence we offer, a split rail features vertical posts connected by horizontal rails. Made completely of wood, the split rail fence has a very rough-hewn look, from the posts, to the rails, and to the connection points, as well. In addition to the authentically antique style, split rail fences are one of the lowest cost fences we offer.

If you’re planning to use this fence for corralling animals (either the family pooch or barnyard animals), you’ll want to finish it with wire. You can expect a split rail fence to last you approximately 15 to 20 years before it needs replaced. However, around 8 to 10 years of age, you’ll need to replace the rails at since they likely will have rotted.

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Slip Board Fence

Ranch style fence made from wood

A slip board fence closely resembles the split rail model with one key difference. While a split rail features rough-hewn rails, a slip board fence will have smoother, cleaner cut wood rails. Despite their sleeker look, they certainly qualify as a farm style fence. Once again, you can count on a fairly low price point with this option. This fence type (with the wire add-on) tends to be very popular for larger homes and estates, when a sizeable area needs fenced.

As you’d expect from wooden ranch style fences, a slip board fence looks gorgeous as it weathers over the years. However, you should expect issues with rot around a decade of ownership, and you’ll need to replace some of the posts.  Once again, you’ll need to fully replace this wooden fence after about 15 to 20 years of time out in the elements.


Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence  

Vinyl split rail ranch fence style

Our vinyl ranch rail fences provide the post and rail look that satisfy your desire for farm décor – just with a lot of modern advantages. Firstly, this is a low-maintenance fence that will last a lifetime and only require basic cleaning with soap and water. Since these farm style fences are made of vinyl, they will never succumb to the rot and mold that destroy the wooden varieties. Plus, since these fences are made of vinyl, they come in white, clay, and tan color options – all of which look fantastic against a variety of homes.

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Other Great Fencing Options   

While there’s no question that farm style fences present a truly unique aesthetic addition to your property, there are a few other practical concerns to keep in mind. Firstly, ranch fences don’t provide any semblance of backyard privacy and they may not qualify as pool fences either.

On top of that, if you want to use these fences to keep animals in your yard, then you’ll need to opt for the wire add-on across the entire fence. From our perspective, there are many more effective fences for keeping dogs in your yard that you may want to consider. For example, a tall aluminum fence or a vinyl privacy option are your two best choices to keep pooches secure in your yard.

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Get Prices on Ranch Style Fences & More

If these ranch style fences have caught your eye, we’d love to help you bring one home. However, if you have questions or you’re still trying to find the perfect option for your property, our team can help with that, too. The first step is an in-home consultation with one of our fence experts. During this consultation, we’ll answer all of your questions, find the right fence for you, and give you a price to install it.

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