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The Best Affordable Fencing Options

A fence does an important job for your home. It keeps your yard safe and secure, which is especially important if you have pets or young children that love to roam. Choosing your new fence is a matter of balancing your needs, your style and your budget. While deluxe fences earn the majority of attention for style and convenience, there are some great affordable fencing options on the market too.

At Smucker Fencing, we install a real variety, ranging ultra-deluxe options to great budget fences as well. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting some of our favorite affordable fencing options that will provide you the security and safety your backyard demands.


The Quality Budget Fences We Install

There are lots of reasons why a homeowner would prefer to buy a budget fence rather than investing in one of the leading luxury lines. Whether its because your home improvement fund is running a little dry or because this isn’t your forever home, you can 100% get a affordable fence to rely on. While we can only provide pricing on a case by case basis, on average, budget fences cost 35% to 40% less than the deluxe alternatives like vinyl and aluminum.

These are our 3 recommended affordable fence models:


Slip Board Fence  

Slip board wooden affordable fencing

This traditional style of wooden fence is one of the best options to provide coverage for your yard at an entry level price point. This budget fence features vertical posts connected by 3 or 4 horizontal rails and can be outfitted with wire mesh to make it more secure.  By using less materials than other fences, this model keeps the price fairly low, while providing solid security and safety.


Picket Fence   

Wooden picket budget fence

While they might no longer be the number one fence in the USA, they are a fantastic budget fence option. Picket fences are made of individual pickets available at different heights. Because the pickets themselves are solid, that makes picket fences a popular choice for providing a good level of privacy, even if it isn’t as effective as a dedicated privacy fence.  In addition, this is a great fence for keeping a small or medium-sized pooch penned in the yard.


Post & Rail Fence    

Wooden post and rail affordable fence

Very similar to the slip board fence, this budget fence features horizontal rails between vertical posts. The post and rail fence has a distinct rustic look that makes this at home on historical properties and on some farms. In addition, a wire mesh can be added to make this fence effective at keeping animals penned in.  Once again, the minimal material and manufacturing of this fence makes it another strong choice when working with a tight budget.


Benefits of Upgrading to Luxury Fences

At Smucker Fencing, we only install quality fences and we stand by each of those 3 budget options. While we primarily install vinyl, aluminum and designer fences, we are happy to build one of those affordable fences for you.

While those budget options are ideal for many homeowners and situations, there are a few key benefits that come from upgrading to a luxury fence:

  1. 1. Immune to Mold and Rot – Wood fences are highly susceptible to rot and mold, and if left alone it destroy the fence. The leading luxury materials are immune to these issues.
  2. 2. Won’t Need Re-Painted or Re-Stained – To keep both rot and mold at bay, you need to regularly re-stain or re-paint your wooden fence. Durable vinyl and aluminum don’t require that. Read our wood fence maintenance tips.
  3. 3. Ultra-Long Lifespan – Even with the best maintenance in the world, a wooden fence can never equal the 50+ years you can get from an aluminum or vinyl fence. Though they are more expensive up-front, deluxe fencing is a better long-term investment.
  4. 4. Trending Style – There’s no question that the rustic look of wood fencing has its charms. However, vinyl and aluminum options are the trending materials for new fences in most neighborhoods.


Get Your Quotes on Affordable Fencing

You know your options for both luxury and affordable fencing, now you need to get quotes to install your fence! The next step is to schedule a free consultation with our expert fence designer. During your in-home meeting, we’ll show you all of your options – and be able to give you a wide variety of quotes for budget fences and much more.

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