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Why Homeowners Love Designer Fencing

Designer fencing is the trending style of fence heading into 2020. This sleek fence features an aluminum frame around a vinyl privacy panel, which provides a unique look and a handful of practical advantages. Instantly recognizable by its two-tone color scheme, you’ve probably seen and admired this fence at a trendy neighbor’s home or on HGTV.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re dedicated to installing the fences that keep your yard safe and maximize your curb appeal. We’re featuring these newly-popular designer fences, and breaking down the practical benefits that make them a great choice for your home. Read more to learn why designer fencing might be the perfect choice for your home – or contact us right now for a quote on installing your fence!


5 Designers Fence Advantages

Backyard fences always need a combination of style and practical safety. The love for these cutting-edge fences is equal parts aesthetic and convenience. These are the 5 main reasons that more homeowners than ever are asking for designer fences:

  1. Completely Unique Look — The two-tone look created by the aluminum frame contrasted with the vinyl panel is something that you can’t achieve with any other fence style. This allows outdoor designers to create more interesting looks, that people notice. Plus, the dark colors available with designer fencing are new to the market and absolutely eye-catching. For some people this style just can’t be beat – we tend to agree.
  2. Privacy — Another important job of a fence is to keep your yard feeling private and secure. These luxury fences succeed at that as well. The vinyl privacy panel is more than a match for any nosy neighbors, creating a feeling of total seclusion. In addition, the solid panel makes this a great fence for reliably keeping your puppy in your yard.
    Learn more about finding the right pet fence.  
  3. Extremely Strong – These new designer fences aren’t just pretty, they’re strong too. They have been rated to have the same strength as a commercial-grade aluminum fence. While most people won’t ever need it, it’s good to know you have it.
  4.  Minimal Maintenance – Another reason that homeowners are installing these designer fences in record numbers? They are easy to own and essentially maintenance-free. While traditional wooden fences need to be repainted and re-stained to prevent rot, vinyl and aluminum fences don’t need upkeep. Since these fences are BOTH vinyl and aluminum, there’s no maintenance needed to keep them lasting for decades.
  5. It’s the Next Big Thing – One of the other reasons that designer fencing is such a hit and will continue to be, is that they are the next big thing. Since they are earning tons of attention and big style headlines, if you install one, your neighbors will absolutely notice. After all, almost all new fences look attractive, but only upscale fences like these make your neighbors take a break from walking their dog to pay you a compliment about it.


Also Installing Vinyl and Aluminum Fences

Upscale vinyl fencing in Chester County, PA

While these combo vinyl and aluminum fences are the topic of the hour, we also install a wide range of traditional vinyl and aluminum fences. Both vinyl and aluminum boast several of the same benefits as designer fencing including the low maintenance, extremely long lifespan, and an increasingly wide range of colors. Vinyl fences also prove to be one of the most-effective and budget friendly options for backyard privacy.

See some gorgeous vinyl and aluminum fence colors.


Get Your Designer Fencing Quote Today

If you’re interested to learn more about designer fencing and see even more stunning color combinations, the first step is an in-home consultation with one of our fence specialists. During the consultation, we’ll help you find the perfect fence for your home – and give you a no-obligation quote to install it.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to schedule your consultation with Smucker Fencing.

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