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Popular Fence Colors

In the past, vinyl fences were white and aluminum fences were black. If you didn’t like those colors, you were out of luck.

Today, a variety of vinyl fence colors and aluminum fence colors are bursting onto the scene! These bold color schemes are perfect for style-forward homeowners building the exterior décor they’ll love for years to come.

At Smucker Fencing, we provide deluxe fencing in Chester and Lancaster Counties — and we offer a wide variety of styles and colors to complete your outdoor space exactly as you see fit. Choosing a fence used to be black and white (literally) — but not anymore! In this blog, we’ll showcase some of our favorite and most popular fence colors.

Explore these vinyl fence and aluminum fence colors!

3 Vinyl Fence Colors to Consider

Vinyl fencing is the most popular type of fence across America — thanks to the fair price, the low maintenance requirements, and the clean, modern look. While white vinyl is the classic color and still the most common choice you’ll see, there are many color options to choose from. With options like tan and clay colors available, your design possibilities are endless. But we want to take it a step further and explore some emerging vinyl fence colors that you may not have considered yet!

These new vinyl fence colors that Smucker Fencing offers (courtesy of Bufftech) are an even bigger step forward – check them out:

Wood texture vinyl fence for privacy in backyard

Authentic Woodgrain — All of the practical, low-maintenance advantages of a vinyl fence with a gorgeous rustic look. Notice how realistic the texture is — and see how stunning this cedar gold vinyl fence color truly is! This woodgrain fence can look especially excellent surrounding a wooded cabin-style home.

Learn more about wood grain color fencing!


Brown vinyl fence installed in Lancaster PA

Faux Stone — A novel, one-of-a-kind choice for your yard. This popular new fence boasts the look of ornamental stone panels with vinyl fence practicality. While this fence may not be every homeowner’s preference, it is definitely eye-catching and enhances the look of other stonework and hardscapes.


Brown vinyl fence installed in Lancaster PA

Simple Brown — Simple and rich, this new vinyl fence color makes for a standout piece that complements almost any outdoor style. While this fence isn’t meant to replicate wood like a woodgrain option, brown vinyl matches well with rustic homes and outdoor spaces. However, the warm colors can actually provide a nice contrast to more contemporary spaces as well. This is a breakout fence color that is as versatile as it is stylish!

Discover the hottest vinyl fence styles.


Standout Aluminum Fence Colors for Consideration

In the last few years, aluminum fences have started emerging as a newly-popular deluxe product. Homeowners appreciate the practical benefits of aluminum – such as no-maintenance and an ultra-long lifespan — as well as the sleek and modern aluminum style.  While textured black is by far the most popular aluminum fence color choice in our area and across the country, there are several other hues making headlines:

Copper colored fence installed in Lancaster PA

Textured Bronze — By far the most popular aluminum fence color other than black, bronze provides a distinct color accent that can enhance numerous types of backyard properties. This color matches well with modern-style hardscapes and stone exteriors. However, most homeowners feel that bronze fences don’t blend well with gray or white siding.


White fence around home exterior

Simple White — Just like the standard black shade, white aluminum fences can match with almost any color of home — except white. We’ve seen these clean, white aluminum fences pair perfectly with everything from blue vinyl siding to a dark brown wood home.


Textured vinyl fence for backyard

Aluminum Frame/Vinyl Panel — No blog about aluminum fence colors and styles would be complete without mentioning one of our favorite new products. These two-tone fences feature a vinyl fence panel secured by an aluminum frame. From a stylistic perspective, this deluxe aluminum fence features two bold color schemes — and is absolutely a showpiece fence. From a practical perspective, this is one of the few aluminum fences to offer complete backyard privacy.

See more aluminum fence styles you’ll love.


Ready to Add a Popular Color Fence to Your Properety? Contact Smucker Fencing!

Whether you want vinyl or aluminum — in a traditional color or a bold one — Smucker Fencing is the team to trust. We install a wide variety of vinyl fence colors and aluminum fence colors for homeowners throughout South Central PA.

In addition to building fences that complete your outdoor décor, we also build fences that are practical and tough enough for all of your needs. Whether you want to keep your active dogs corralled in your yard or block out a nosy neighbor, rely on a Smucker fence to get the job done.

The first step is a consultation with our team — reach out and start the conversation today!


  • John Smucker

    John Smucker leads Smucker Fencing with over 20 years of experience in the residential fence installation niche. Since 2006, he has built the company from the ground up. His firm is family-owned and values high-quality workmanship. John and his team commit to complete customer satisfaction.Training matters greatly to John. He oversees a skilled crew of over a dozen technicians. Each one undergoes rigorous training for flawless fence and railing installations. Respect for clients and their properties is a top rule at Smucker Fencing.John prides himself on efficiency and promptness. His company ensures projects finish on time without sacrificing quality. Smucker Fencing stands out in Lancaster and Chester Counties for its reliable service from the first estimate call to the project's end.Recognition from customers speaks volumes about John's expertise. Happy clients across two decades point to his success in delivering excellent fencing solutions. His approach combines professional skill with genuine care for each project, making him a leader in his field.

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