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Aluminum Fence Designs and Styles

In a world where everyone has a white picket fence, aluminum allows your home to stand out with a gorgeous, bold look. Homeowners who choose aluminum fences love the distinct and modern style they bring to outdoor décor. When designing your new fence, if you choose aluminum, you have a whole catalog of options for your aluminum fence designs.

Not only do aluminum fences boast a handful of benefits, like decades of reliability and low-maintenance quality, but they come in a variety of sleek styles. From the hue of the metal to the ornamental style of your pickets, you can design the fence to meet your exact needs — and express your unique personality.

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Let’s break down the different aluminum fence designs you can enjoy when you partner with Smucker Fencing.

Black Backyard Aluminum Privacy Fence


5 Aluminum Fence Design Choices

A six-foot-tall fence in black aluminum, capped with elegant triad spears to create a standout profile. Or a five-foot-fence in rich textured bronze to match the tan siding of a stucco home. When it comes to selecting your aluminum fence design, the individual choices you make tell the story.

While your admiring neighbors will just see a finished fence that completes the look, you’ll see all of the choices that made it come together perfectly. Here are the 5 major aluminum fence design choices to create your showpiece fence.


1. Height of the Fence

One of the most important choices you can make about your fence, the height of your aluminum fence depends on the job you need it to do.

If you only need your fence to look stunning and impress your neighbors (which is A-Okay in our book), you can opt for a shorter fence. If you need to keep your big dog in the yard, or keep deer out, you’ll need a taller fence. For stopping deer and rambunctious pups, we recommend a 72-inch fence.

In some areas, however, taller fences are the norm for everyone. In the Philadelphia Main Line area, for example, we hardly ever install a fence shorter than six-feet.

We offer fences with the following heights: 36 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches.

Short Aluminum Fence Design

2. Residential or Commercial Grade

The next choice you make when selecting your aluminum fence is between residential and commercial grade. While it might seem obvious as a homeowner to choose residential, there are many reasons why you might want to pick commercial instead. In fact, many homeowners design using commercial grade fences every year.

The grade of fence determines 3 major things:

  • The strength of the fence and thickness of aluminum used — which again can be important for keeping big dogs safe in your yard.
  • The size of the pickets — In residential grade fences the pickets are 5/8 inches and in commercial grade fencing the pickets are 3/4 inches. This makes the commercial fence even stronger.
  • The length of the fence sections — in residential fences, the sections are 6 feet, while in commercial grade fences, the sections are 8 feet. The longer the sections, the further apart the post rails are.


3. Style and Number of Rails

In addition to adding support to the pickets, the horizontal rails are primarily a stylistic feature. Between 2 and 4 rails is common to see on modern aluminum fences, generally the more rails the more ornamental the design looks.

When deciding on the style, we recommend these 3 popular aluminum fence designs:

  • Flat Top — The most popular option, this fence covers all picket heads with a flat rail.
  • Exposed Spears or Finials — This design features exposed spear heads.
  • Flat Top with Spears — A combination of the other two, this style shows spear heads but has a flat rail above them.

Check out our gallery of aluminum fences.


4. Finials and Post Caps

If your fence design features exposed picket tops —also called finials— you can choose an ornamental shape to make your fence stand out even more.

All 3 look nice on any fence, and it comes down to personal choice. Here are the finial options from which you can choose:

  • Spears
  • Triads
  • Quads

You can also decorate the caps on your fence posts too. The most common post cap shapes include: standard flat caps and ball caps.  These decorative touches can also be included on gate posts.


5. Color

Color is one of the final touches that can allow your fence to show-off your design personality. Far and away, the most common color choices are satin black and textured bronze.

When deciding on their color, most homeowners like to match accents such their door and window trim — or by picking a color complementary to their siding. The cool hue of satin black is great because it matches basically any style house you can think of from classic to contemporary.

The textured bronze adds extra pizzazz to certain unique-colored homes. Stucco and stone tend to pop when matched up with a bronze-colored aluminum fence.


Aluminum Fence Installer in PA

Ready to start designing the aluminum fence of your dreams? We can help with that.

At Smucker Fencing we help our customers discover and install the home fence of their dreams. We are a family owned and operated company that puts equal emphasis on excellent customer service and building the most gorgeous fences for our clients.

You can check out our aluminum fence catalog to find the fence that meets your needs — or you can contact us today to start the conversation!

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