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Vinyl Fence Styles for Summer 2019

Vinyl fences are the most popular fences to see in front yards and backyards across America. That popularity is earned, though –vinyl fences come at a fair price, are easy to maintain, and there are numerous standout vinyl fence styles to choose from.

At Smucker Fencing, we specialize in installing deluxe fences throughout the Chester and Lancaster County areas. These are the most popular vinyl fence styles and designs we’re installing in the summer of 2019.

4 Most Popular Vinyl Fence Designs

Vinyl Picket Fence  

The simplest and least expensive vinyl fence design, this style features pickets spaced evenly apart. Available in different heights and with different picket caps, this style makes for a very popular pool fence – but the pickets are too far apart to serve as a good privacy fence.


Simple Vinyl Privacy Fence  

An elegant looking and completely effective privacy fence, this is one of the classic styles and will stay that way in the summer of 2019. If you’re interested in customizing this type of privacy fence, you can accessorize the top rail with a lattice, miniature vertical pickets, and more. While clean white is the most common color, you can also choose clay and tan vinyl privacy fences as well.


Two-Tone Vinyl Privacy Fence  

Vinyl privacy fence styles have gotten bolder in recent years, highlighted by the new popularity of two-tone fences. These fences feature two distinct colors, one on the primary vinyl panel and another color on the vinyl frame. This allows your fence to serve as a more prominent yard accessory rather than blending into the background. Once again, this privacy fence can be customized with designs similar to that of the simple privacy fence. A white frame around a tan panel is the most popular color scheme we install – and it isn’t hard to see why.

Learn more about our privacy fence options.


Aluminum/Vinyl Privacy Fence  

A cross between vinyl and aluminum fencing, this hybrid fence is becoming the most in-demand deluxe fencing option on the market. Somewhat similar to the two-tone vinyl fence, this style features an ultra-slim aluminum frame around a vinyl privacy panel. This fence provides maximum backyard privacy with an eye-catching look. While it does come at the highest price point, it is becoming the hottest fence style of the year.

While the elegant outdoor style of a vinyl fence can most certainly stand on its own, many homeowners like to match the color and design to that of their deck railing. Learn more about deck railing colors for both vinyl and aluminum.


Advantages of Vinyl  

Vinyl fences aren’t just popular based on looks alone. There are numerous practical advantages that make owning vinyl easier and more convenient than wood.

While wooden fences were previously the most common choice, they required frequent repainting and re-staining to keep the mold, rot, and discoloration at bay. Even with that almost yearly maintenance, they would still eventually succumb to the elements and need to be replaced.

In comparison, vinyl fences are a low-maintenance product. The vinyl coating is completely immune to the growth that dooms the wooden variety. All a vinyl fence will require is to be cleaned every once in a while to maintain its great style. Aluminum fences are also an equally maintenance-free option as they resist the damage that wooden fences are susceptible to.

Learn more about fence maintenance.


Bring Your Vinyl Fence Style Home

Whether you see the vinyl fence style that will complete your backyard or you want to see additional design options, the next step is an in-person consultation with one of our fence experts.

Our designers will help you in selecting the ideal design for your backyard and perform the measurements that will allow us to provide you a quote for your new fence. At Smucker Fencing, we design and install deluxe fencing throughout Pennsylvania – contact us today to bring a beautiful new fence to your house!


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