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Pool Fence Laws — And the Pool Fence Designs You’ll Want

If you’re building an inground pool this summer, you’re probably wondering: do I need a fence around my pool? Yes, yes you do! An inground pool fence is a non-negotiable legal requirement when building ANY new inground pool. The vast majority of states and townships require you to follow pool fence laws—known as the BOCA Pool Code.

Since pool fence rules are only meant to govern issues of safety, you can get as creative as you want with the pool fence design.  Most homeowners like to choose a fence that enhances the stylistic statement made by their backyard décor.

See our gorgeous aluminum and vinyl pool fence styles and learn about pool fence rules you need to follow. Any pool fence Smucker Fencing designs and installs will comply with BOCA fence regulations — and look absolutely stunning too!

While there’s a good reason for this rule, we understand if you don’t want to see an unfinished fence when you look out over your picturesque backyard. We may have the best solution, too. Check out some of our fences that get around this rule—by looking gorgeous on both sides!

wooden post and rail pool fence

Stunning Pool Fence Pictures and Designs

When most people are installing their inground pool, they have a style in mind — a select style that includes everything from the patio stonework to landscaping, and even the poolside furniture. While the BOCA Pool Code requires them to have a fence, for most people, their unique sense of style requires it to be a showpiece fence, to enhance their pool. Nothing is worse than intricately planning every detail of your backyard oasis and then having to slap a cheap fence on at the last minute.

Here are some of the showpiece pool fence designs we’ve brought to homes throughout central PA.

Aluminum Pool Fences

One of our favorite pool fence materials, aluminum is a great choice for many reasons:

  • Slim aluminum fences don’t block the gorgeous views from your pool.
  • The dark shaded aluminum blends nicely with most landscape features.
  • The unique and elegant styling of aluminum stands out — especially if your neighbors have vinyl fences.

Vinyl Pool Fences

A classic pool fencing material, check out your vinyl options:

  • Like aluminum, vinyl fencing can leave the views from your pool unobscured.
  • The clean, white vinyl style can match your home’s white vinyl siding or the white trim of your swimming pool.
  • With the right décor, vinyl pool fencing can create the luxurious look of a country club or private pool.


Vinyl Privacy Fences

While some people want to leave the views from their pool unblocked, other people prefer a little more.

  • Vinyl privacy fences are a popular option for people who live in neighborhoods.
  • The tall vinyl fence blocks the view to the pool, while still retaining the extravagant style of white vinyl fencing.


Pool Fences with Arched Gates

Is your inground pool your backyard getaway? Include a arched gateway with your aluminum privacy fence to truly welcome visitors to your poolside oasis.

This touch adds a dramatic sense of style along with meeting your pool fence requirements.

aluminum pool fence gate with lock

Pool Fence Requirements

You may have a great fence option in mind, but you’re probably still wondering: why do I need a fence for my pool?  It isn’t as arbitrary as it might sound. Pool fence requirements were established as a way to keep people safe from falling into your pool.

Outlined in the BOCA Pool Code, the pool fence rules require a fence that is of a sufficient height to keep people out and that doesn’t have features that make climbing the fence easy. Some specific pool fence regulations include fence height, distance between vertical and horizontal bars, openings in mesh or lattice, and much more.

Whether you want to learn more about these fence laws or not, just know: when Smucker Fencing builds for you, your pool fence will be 100% compliant with BOCA regulations.


BOCA Pool Code Summary

While the BOCA Pool Code is a complex legal document, we have distilled it to the pool code requirements related to inground pool installation:

  1. The fence must be at least 48 inches high on the side facing away from the pool.
  2. Openings in the fence cannot exceed 4 inches.
  3. Deliberate indentations and protrusions are not permitted.
  4. Decorative cutouts can’t exceed 1 and 3/4 inches.
  5. Spacing in lattice or chain-link mesh can’t exceed 1 and 3/4 inches.
  6. The gate must feature a latch that is 54 inches high.


Beautiful Pool Fences: Your Local Fence Installer

If any of our pool fence pictures inspired you, get in touch with us today for a free quote.  Smucker Fencing stands as one of central Pennsylvania’s leading luxury pool fence installers with years of service and satisfied customers throughout the state.

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