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The Best Pool Fences for Your Backyard & Budget

The concrete may be poured and the landscaping may be done, but your new in-ground pool isn’t finished without a fence. Not only is having a pool fence a legal requirement, but it makes your backyard safer and more private.

At Smucker Fencing, we have ample experience helping homeowners select their perfect fence style and installing it correctly. After all, a new pool is a huge investment for your backyard – you don’t want a cheap fence to undermine all that style. Keep reading for our favorite pool fence designs – and get your FREE pool fence installation quote today.

Black aluminum pool fence with landscaping

3 Popular Pool Fence Designs to Meet Every Need  

The best pool fence differs based on the style you like and what you need. Some homeowners like to match the color and style of their fence to their deck railings or the trim on their house. Other homeowners make their choice based on needing backyard privacy or because their budget is almost entirely spent on their pool project.

Whatever your reason for picking the pool fence you want, we have enough great pool fence designs that everyone can have exactly what they’re looking for – here are our favorite 3 to choose from:


Privacy on a Budget: Vinyl Privacy Fence

One of the reasons vinyl fences are so popular is that they match almost anything. From a stylistic standpoint, the clean white vinyl makes a nice accent against a variety of vinyl siding colors. In a lot of ways, vinyl fences are the white picket fence of the 21st century – they’re everywhere and everyone loves them.

From a practical purpose, these tall vinyl fences are a standout option for ensuring your backyard stays private. With six-foot tall panels and no gaps or spaces in the design, they provide complete privacy from even the nosiest of neighbors. Plus, compared to the other two pool fence options, these come in at the most budget friendly price. The style and privacy options make this the best pool fence style for many homeowners.

Tan vinyl pool fence for privacy


Sleek Style with a View: Aluminum Fence 

If your nearest neighbors aren’t anywhere close to your home, you probably don’t need a privacy fence. In fact, the last thing you may want to do is block out your amazing rural view. If that sounds like your backyard, you may want to consider a sleek aluminum fence. As a contrast to vinyl privacy panels, aluminum fence pickets are slim and spaced far enough apart to leave your beautiful view front and center. For some homeowners, these aluminum fence advantages make it the in-demand pool fence design.

While black may be the most popular aluminum fencing color, you have several beautiful powder-coated hues to choose from. Their style is similarly versatile as well, giving homeowners the option to select the finials, posts, and more.

Learn more about different style aluminum fences.

Pool fence made of aluminum material


Rustic Style & Unbeatable Seclusion: Cedar Shadow Box Fence

This gorgeous red-shaded fence provides a full coverage privacy option that comes in a gorgeous rustic style. The tall wooden panels provide you all of the seclusion of our vinyl option, paired with a totally unique style. For homeowners that love the look of gorgeous cedar wood and need total privacy, this can absolutely be the best pool fence on the market.

There’s no question that wooden fences are absolutely gorgeous – however, they do require more maintenance than their aluminum and vinyl counterparts. While aluminum and vinyl pool fences are fairly maintenance free, wooden options will require yearly maintenance to keep mold at bay – and to keep their color looking sharp.

Learn the basics of wooden fence maintenance.

All three of these pool fences can provide you years of reliable safety and enhance your backyard style. Finding the best pool fence is a matter of selecting the option that meets your needs and your style, while satisfying your budget requirements, too.

Pool fence made of wood


Free Pool Fence Installation Quotes    

Before you can officially open the pool for summer, you need a fence to keep it safe and legal. We’re the team to help! At Smucker Fencing, we have more than a decade of experience with pool fence installation all across Lancaster and Chester Counties.

Whether you’re ready for your quote or you’re still deciding on the pool fence design that works best for you, your next step is a free at-home consultation. Our fence designers can help you pick the best pool fence and give you a free quote to get it installed quickly. Contact us today to schedule now!

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