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Fence Replacement vs Repair: Decision Guide

Your once beautiful wooden fence has seen better days. Whether it’s growing mold, missing pickets, or generally falling apart – a lot can go wrong with an old wooden fence. You have options for how you should handle it. Both simple repairs or full fence replacement are an option for you – depending on your fence and your budget!

At Smucker Fencing, we’re the Chester County fence company that installs brand new luxury fences, yet also repairs older fencing. We’re happy to help you discover the best way to handle your fence – and take care of everything for you. Follow along with our decision guide to find what’s right for you and check out fantastic new models available with a full fence replacement!

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Should I Repair or Replace a Fence?

Whether you should repair or replace a fence depends on a few key factors, which are primarily tied into the condition of the fence. Consider these five factors when making your decision – and remember, our team is always happy to give free advice and quotes:

Repair or replace a fence infographic

  1. Cosmetic or Serious Damage – Whether you repair or replace a fence often depends on what’s wrong with it. Superficial damage like peeling paint or fading stain is a great candidate for a DIY repair. However, bigger damage like structural problems with the fence foundation or widespread rot and mold are often more expensive to repair than to replace. In some cases, adding a fresh coat of stain can restore the beautiful look of your fence.
  2. Condition of the Wood – This is one of the most important factors when deciding whether you should repair or replace a fence. Even though pressure-treated lumber is durable, it isn’t as effective at standing up to the elements as low-maintenance fence materials like vinyl and aluminum. Take a closer look at the wood of your fence to determine its condition. If you see widespread splintering and cracking of the lumber, that means you’ll want to look into other options. Along those lines, if the lumber feels soft or spongy to the touch, that means it has been weakened by rot and you’ll likely want to look at fence replacement right away. Learn more about low-maintenance fences.
  3. Status of the Fence Posts – Even if the majority of the wood is in solid shape, it doesn’t mean the fence will be able to hold up for years. You also want to determine if the pickets or the posts are in bad shape. Repairing damaged pickets (or even replacing a few of them) is far easier than repairing the posts. So, if the posts are mold-free and rock solid, you may want to consider putting the time or money into fixing a few problem pickets. On the other hand, if the pickets are compromised, you’ll likely want to start over with a new build.
  4. Age of the Fence– Even with the most diligent maintenance in the world, a wooden fence simply can’t last as long as low-maintenance options like vinyl and aluminum. At the most, you can expect a wood fence to last about 15 years. If your fence is getting close to that milestone and it needs work, you’re better off investing in a brand new fence rather than putting time and money into the old fence. Discover just how long you can expect different fences to last.
  5. Your Situation– Whether you repair or replace a fence also depends on your personal situation. Ultimately, putting money into a new fence that will last forever without needing serious maintenance is a good investment into your property. However, building a high-quality fence can require a larger up-front investment than some homeowners are able to make. For example, if you are in your forever home – and finances are stable – building a deluxe new fence is the best choice for convenience, style, and long-term performance! On the other hand, if you are planning to move within the next few years, investing to a fence that lasts a lifetime might not be the best choice for you.


Upgrading to a Top-of-the Line Option

If you do decide on fence replacement, you have a wide range of options for stylish and easy-to-own fences. While we install a variety of high-quality wooden fences, when most homeowners upgrade, they choose one of these two materials:

Vinyl Fences – With options available for privacy and picket fences alike, vinyl fences provide a great combination of style and practicality. Unlike wooden yard fences, vinyl will never need to be repainted or re-stained and will last for decades.

See vinyl fences here.

Aluminum Fences – Available in a huge range of colors, these ultra-sleek fences provide exceptional yard protection with a modern aesthetic. Aluminum fences will never require any serious maintenance and will give you a lifetime of performance.

See aluminum fences here.

Get Quotes on Fence Replacement in Chester & Lancaster Counties

If you’ve had enough of your old wooden fence and want to upgrade to the convenience of sleek aluminum or elegant vinyl, we can help. Smucker Fencing offers fence replacement throughout Chester and Lancaster Counties. The first step is to reach out and talk to our team to discuss your project and to schedule an at-home estimate!


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