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5 Most Popular Privacy Fence Styles

Your neighbors are great – but that doesn’t mean you want to always be on display for them while you’re enjoying your backyard. You are not the only one who feels that way, which is why privacy fences are such an in-demand item. In addition to providing you much-needed seclusion, privacy fences can enhance the look of your yard. See some of our favorite privacy fence styles – and pick the one that’s right for you!

At Smucker Fencing, we install fences and railings for homeowners throughout Lancaster and Chester Counties. In addition to providing a turnkey installation process, we’re always able to help our clients find the perfect type of fence for their yard and their budget. Keep reading to see the most popular privacy fence styles – or reach out for a free consultation and quote right now!

White vinyl privacy fence with lattice top in backyard


Types of Privacy Fences that Homeowners Love

For many homeowners, a privacy fence is the final ingredient in their personal backyard oasis. That’s because privacy is a key component of relaxation and also because a fence adds a distinct style and feel to the yard. There are more types of privacy fences than ever before – check them out here:

Wood Picket Fence  

Wood picket fence for backyard privacy

These wooden fences are made from pickets which are placed closely together to provide solid backyard privacy. Among all the types of privacy fences we offer, this is the single most budget-friendly option as it is a great solution for solid privacy with a minimum price tag.  However, since this fence is made of pressure-treated lumber, it will require maintenance to prevent mold and rot.

Check out our 6 need-to-know wooden fence maintenance tips.


Simple Vinyl Privacy Fence

Popular vinyl backyard fence for security

One of the most effective privacy fence styles on the market, these vinyl fences are made of tall vinyl panels that completely block the line of sight. Compared to fancier vinyl fences, simple vinyl privacy fences will come in a single color and feature standard rectangular panels without many frills. One of the main things to love about all vinyl fencing is that it will never need repainted or re-stained and will easily last for 50+ years!


Luxury Wooden Fence   

Popular wooden fence installation

A gorgeous option for rustic style and hard-to-beat privacy. Our luxury wooden privacy fences are made of tall wooden panels that are just as effective as vinyl at keeping your backyard out of sight. Compared to a wood picket fence, these luxury wooden fences will include more style-only touches, like a curving top rail or a lattice pattern. However, as a wooden fence, this will require some maintenance to keep it in solid shape.


Decorative Vinyl Fence 

Popular privacy fence style in gray vinyl

One of the most varied types of privacy fences, luxury vinyl comes in countless different style and color combinations. While you might be entranced by the upscale look, these ultra-tall fences do a remarkably good job of keeping your yard protected from prying eyes. Some of the decorative vinyl variations include two-tone color schemes, ornamental top rails, and so much more!


Aluminum-Vinyl Hybrid Privacy Fences

Type of privacy fence in backayrd with kid's area

The slim and see-through pickets of traditional aluminum fences make them less-than-ideal for effective backyard privacy. This modern type of privacy fence combines a sleek aluminum frame around thick vinyl fence panels. This creates a distinctly attractive two-tone fence that is just as effective as a full vinyl privacy fence. Being made of two ultra-low maintenance materials means this fence will last for 50+ years and only need wiped down with soap and water.


An Important Note about Fence Prices

As the deluxe options, vinyl and aluminum fences will come at a higher up-front price point. While they cost more initially, we are hesitant to say they are more expensive overall. Keep in mind that a well-built aluminum or vinyl fence can last 50 years or longer – with minimal maintenance on your part. On average, a wooden fence will last about 15 years before it needs to be replaced. Since they never need to be replaced, a vinyl or aluminum option will be the smarter financial choice compared to multiple wooden fences.

However, we know everything depends on your current financial situation and how long you plan to live in your current home. Ultimately, ALL of the fences we install are high-quality and you’ll be happy with whatever choice you make!

Still have questions? Learn more about what kind of fence is right for you.

Get Quotes on These Privacy Fence Styles

Did you find one or more privacy fence styles that you’d love to bring to your backyard? The next step is to have a free consultation to get pricing. Our fence designers will discuss the pros and cons of each fence type, show you samples, and give you all of your pricing options.

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