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5 Backyard Pergola Ideas

Almost any home or outdoor space can benefit from the beauty of a pergola. These in-demand outdoor accessories can transform your deck, the middle of your yard, or countless other beloved backyard spaces. We’re highlighting our favorite backyard pergola ideas which enhance the look and usability of your yard wherever you place them.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re  known as the company that Chester and Lancaster County homeowners trust for quality fence, railing or pergola installation. Keep reading to learn about our favorite backyard pergola ideas and to see pictures!

Creative Pergola Uses to Inspire You

You know you want to bring the sleek and striking look of a pergola to your backyard space, you just aren’t exactly how you’ll use it. Check out these 5 fantastic creative pergola uses and find the one that matches your backyard dreams:

Covered Dining Area  

Backyard pergola for dining on deck

The feel of dining out at a restaurant right in your backyard! One of the most popular pergola uses involves pairing your formal outdoor dining space with a pergola to create both a luxury ambience as well as outstanding shade coverage. This style often calls for a free-standing pergola placed on a deck or patio. Not only will this bring an air of elegance to your family dinners, but it will make your outdoor space more comfortable.

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Mid-Yard Retreat

Vinyl pergola used for backyard retreat

Trying to figure out how to make the most of your large, open yard? This may be the perfect plan! By placing a pergola in the middle of your lawn, you create an exciting mid-yard destination, perfect for entertaining or unwinding. Whether you want to place your pergola directly on the grass or on deck boards and pavers, it’ll look absolutely amazing. This pergola use puts the in-demand accessory front and center – and can turn your empty yard into the main attraction of your home.

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Poolside Accessory

Backyard pergola idea for pool

If your pool is already the centerpiece of your backyard, pairing it with a pergola can be the perfect choice. Poolside pergolas are popular in both exotic resorts and backyards alike – and it isn’t hard to see why! Firstly, the elegant look of the pergola brings a distinctly upscale feel to any in-ground pool. On top of that, having total or partial shade nearby the pool is perfect for catching a break from the sun when swimming.

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Grill Accessory

Backyard pergola kitchen ideas

For the grill masters out there, this pergola use makes your beloved grill a focus of your outdoor living aesthetic. Typically, this idea involves placing a fairly small free-standing pergola over top of the grill station. Whether you grill on your deck or patio, we can build you a pergola that matches.

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Covered Sitting Area  – This is a backyard pergola idea that you’ll be able to use for hours on end! By accenting your favorite spot with a gorgeous pergola, you’ll make it the go-to space to entertain or unwind after a long day. By building an eye-catching pergola, you transform a pair of chairs and outdoor table into a formal seating area. Not only will it make you appreciate the feel of a space you’ll use almost every day, but the tall profile of a pergola can enhance the flat look of a deck or patio like nothing else.

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Backyard pergola ideas for pool

We Install High-Quality Pergolas

The last thing you need to bring one of these backyard pergola ideas home is the right product line. Just like our low-maintenance fencing, you can count on our vinyl pergolas to look exceptional for decades. Since the pergolas we install are built from ultra-high-quality vinyl, they will never need to be re-painted or re-stained. Compare this to wooden pergolas which often need serious maintenance to keep from growing mold or starting to rot. If we install a pergola for you, it will still look amazing even after decades out in the elements – no maintenance needed. These advantages are why we say our pergolas are the top-of-the-line option. Learn more about what makes for the best pergolas on the market!

Bring Your Backyard Pergola Idea to Life

Want to make you backyard pergola ideas a reality? We’re the team to trust. From the covered dining space to the poolside showpiece, no matter which of these pergola uses you like best, we can build it for you. The first step is to talk to our team to discuss your plans and to get a price to install your dream pergola!

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