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Our #1 Pick for Best Pergola Type

Popular opinion: a pergola might just be the perfect addition to any backyard, deck or patio. In fact, this attractive outdoor structure has quickly become one of the most in-demand outdoor accessories for homes all across the country. In order to ensure you get a piece that looks amazing without serious maintenance, you need the best type of pergola: vinyl. That’s exactly what we’re highlighting in today’s blog.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re primarily known for installing fences and railings, but we also build gorgeous, high-quality pergolas. We’re providing answers about what makes for the best pergolas as well as showcasing what we can build for you. Keep reading to learn more about what makes vinyl the best type of pergola – or reach out to get your price today!


Vinyl vs Wood Pergolas: Maintenance Needs, Lifespan, & More

The two most common types of pergolas you’ll see in our area are wooden and vinyl pergolas. While wooden pergolas aren’t always bad options for every homeowner, vinyl is simply the better option. We’re comparing everything you need to know about vinyl vs wood pergolas:

The clean white or tan look of vinyl pergolas tends to create a more classically elegant style – while wooden pergolas generally offer a more rustic look. This is the one element of the vinyl vs wood pergola comparison that depends on your personal tastes.

  1. Maintenance Needs – This is one of the major advantages of vinyl pergolas. Just like with vinyl fences, vinyl pergolas are a low-maintenance material. This means that you’ll only need to wash them off with dish soap and water to keep them looking their best. On the other hand, a wooden pergola will need to be re-painted or re-stained to stay strong. Since most homeowners we talk to dislike the idea of adding more outdoor chores to their plate, this is another reason we say that vinyl is the best pergola type. Want less outdoor work to do? See our low-maintenance fencing options!
  2. Rot and Mold – This next point goes along with the with maintenance needs of wooden pergolas. If a wooden piece isn’t maintained diligently, the wood can start rotting or growing mold which will destroy the structure. However, the low-maintenance nature of vinyl means it is 100% immune to both rot and mold.
  3. Up-Close Detail – Almost any pergola will look stunning from far away, but which pergola type looks just as exceptional up close? While wooden pergolas by no means look bad, they will show the cracking of wood and the chipping of paint – while vinyl pergolas have asmooth and flawless appearance, even up close.
  4. Lifespan – This is the element of vinyl vs wood pergolas that puts them solidly over the top for many of our customers. Even with impeccable maintenance, a wooden pergola will only last 10 to 15 years maximum. However, you can expect a vinyl pergola to last a lifetime and continue to look great!
  5. Price – Vinyl pergolas are a slightly more expensive option, but they are the far better buy almost every time. Consider that you’d need to purchase several wooden pergolas in order to match the lifespan of one of our resilient vinyl ones. Bottom line: while a high-quality vinyl piece will cost a little more up front, it pays you back with a lifetime of beautiful, low-maintenance performance.


Trust Us with Your Deck and Yard Refresh 

There’s never a wrong time to bring the style and shade potential of a pergola to your backyard. However, if you’re undertaking a full deck or backyard makeover, we handle all of the essentials to complete it. From the stylish privacy fence around your yard to the new railing on your patio or deck, we’re the one team you can trust to do it all!


Get Quotes to Install the Best Pergola Type

If you think that vinyl is the best pergola type on the market today and you want to bring one home to enhance your yard, we’d love to build it for you. The first step is a conversation with our outdoor designers to discuss the size you need and the extras you want. From there we’ll get you a quote to build the gorgeous vinyl pergola you’ve been dreaming of!

Reach out today to get your price!


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