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Vinyl vs. Aluminum Railings: What’s the Best Material for Outdoor Railings?

vinyl vs aluminum railings

There’s no place like home and the right deck railing can help you to keep your entryway safe and stylish for years to come. There are many colors, sizes, and shapes on the market, but perhaps the hardest choice is which material to pick—vinyl vs. aluminum railings.

So, what is better: vinyl or aluminum railings? Today’s blog will tackle the pros and cons of the best railing materials with expert advice from the experienced pros at Smucker Fencing.

Ready to explore the best materials for porch and deck railings? Keep reading to dive deep into our insider tips or contact us online now to get started with your railing installation today.

What is Better—Vinyl or Aluminum Railings?

The right answer to the vinyl vs. aluminum railing debate may come as a surprise—the answer depends on your personal preference. Aluminum is a luxury, upscale choice, while vinyl offers an affordable and tasteful slice of the most popular railing type in America. Your taste and budget are the perfect guidelines for finding the best option for you.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of what is better, vinyl or aluminum railings.

Vinyl Railings

Vinyl railings are a classic choice and one of the most popular types in America. They are a common, budget-friendly, and low-maintenance solution that blends well with many different types of home exteriors, from brick to stucco.

In the vinyl vs. aluminum debate, vinyl shines in its affordability and classy appearance! It’s the perfect choice when you want a home accented with a clean and traditional style that’s easy on your wallet.

✔️ Pros: Affordable price point, low maintenance, 50+ year lifespan

✖️ Cons: Limited color options, bulkier than aluminum

Aluminum Railings

When comparing vinyl vs. aluminum, aluminum is a premium option with a luxury aesthetic. It’s lightweight and durable with powerful rust and corrosion resistance. It offers unparalleled sleekness for your deck railing with colors like black, clay, bronze, silver and more. You’ll also only need to clean your aluminum railing about once a year with a little soap and water.

Another major plus for aluminum is that it’s eco-friendly—you can retire your railing after years of service with peace of mind that it won’t end up in a landfill.

✔️ Pros: Low maintenance, multiple color options, eco-friendly, 50+ year lifespan

✖️ Cons: Can be a more expensive option

How Smucker Fencing Can Provide You with the Best Railing Materials for Your Project

For over 20 years, Smucker Fencing has been one of the top family-owned fencing companies in Lancaster and Chester County. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction every time, with more than a dozen in-house fence installation technicians trained for excellence and customer service. Our team will always provide you with a transparent quote and a fair timeline for completing your project with the best railing materials available on the market today. However, you feel about the vinyl vs. aluminum railing debate, we’re confident that we have a product that will match your home’s décor and provide you with years of safety and style.

Still wondering about what the best material for porch and deck railings is? You can find more inspiration by reading about our 5 most popular deck railing styles today!

Ready to take the next step and plan your fencing project? Reach out to the Smucker Fencing team today and experience the service of a high-quality, local business with family values.

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Choose Smucker Fencing for Vinyl or Aluminum Railings for Your Home Today

Whatever your preferences in the decision between vinyl vs. aluminum railings, Smucker Fencing can help. Our team has more than 20 years of experience assisting homeowners like you with matching the style and needs of their homes to the best railing materials.

Want to choose the best material for porch and deck railings for your home? Smucker Fencing is ready to provide you with a quote and schedule your service today!

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