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5 Most Popular Deck Railing Styles

Not only is a beaten-up railing system an eyesore, but it is also much more likely to fail as a safety feature as well. When it comes to reinventing your railing and refreshing the look of your space, you have ample options! We’re highlighting the most popular deck railing styles you can bring home!

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a Chester County fence company that also specializes in installing deluxe railings for decks, patios, stairs, and more. Just like with fencing, you have access to a wide range of different railing types that boast various aesthetics and advantages. Keep reading to check out the leading deck railing styles – and get your quote to install your favorite today!

porch railing type aluminum


Smart & Stylish Railing Types

All 5 of these railing types are very low maintenance, made of vinyl or metal, and are guaranteed to last for decades without needing to be repainted or re-stained. See the different options, learn a little about each, and find your favorite:


White Vinyl Railing

White vinyl deck railing with new tan deck

An elegant and timeless style, white vinyl railings are a very popular upgrade over old painted wooden railings. From a railing color standpoint, white vinyl contrasts beautifully against the rich brown of wooden or composite deck boards And keeping them looking new is a simple matter of wiping them down with soap and water. Finally, if you have a vinyl fence in your yard, pairing this deck railing style creates a gorgeous, complementary outdoor aesthetic.

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Black Aluminum

stylish black aluminum porch railing on new home build

Another all-time favorite railing type, black aluminum proves to be an extra sturdy safety solution as a piece of modern décor. This railing sees just as much use on staircases as it does in outdoor living spaces – and it excels in both settings. In the same way that a vinyl rail best matches a vinyl fence, an aluminum fence pairs extremely well with an aluminum railing. Augmenting the convenience factor, a black aluminum railing won’t show dirt, and thus will never need to be cleaned!

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Cable Railing

Aluminum railing with cable spindles on outdoor ramp

When your outdoor space overlooks a breathtaking view, the last thing you want to do is block it out. While black aluminum railings are slim and sleek, cable railing has an even more minimal profile. While there is still a metal frame, the majority of this system is compromised completely of woven metal cables – which are strong enough to protect against a fall, yet they won’t impact that great view.

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Faux Wooden Railing

In most cases where we are called to upgrade old railings, we are replacing old and rotting wooden deck railings. While wooden railings are susceptible to both rot and mold, there is a lot to like about the look. That’s why our faux wooden railings offer the color and surface look of wood, yet they’re made of vinyl and thus are so much easier to own!

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Vinyl Railing with Aluminum Spindles

Black and white vinyl porch railing style

A combination of two other deck railing styles, this option pairs the frame of vinyl railings with the spindles of aluminum ones. This deluxe design is popular due to the two-tone style it creates. From a practical perspective, the aluminum spindles will be slightly slimmer than vinyl, providing a slightly sleeker look. When matching your yard fence, this gives you the flexibility to easily complement either a vinyl or an aluminum fence.

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Why to Upgrade Your Railings

A popular project that homeowners often choose to tackle with us during the fall and winter, upgrading a railing system is a crucial part of getting an outdoor space ready for the spring and summer. While many homeowners certainly chose to have this renovation at same time as they build a fence, it’s a very worthwhile upgrade on its own.

  1. Safety – More than any type of stylistic accent, railings are built as a safety feature. When they begin to rot or grow mold, they weaken. This keeps them from doing their job of keeping your loved ones and guests safe.
  2. Style – More than ever, a backyard space tends to be among the most luxurious locations of your home – inside and outside. Upgrading to one of these stylish railing types will certainly enhance the luxury of your space! On the other hand, an eyesore railing can really undermine an otherwise exceptional space.
  3. Ease of Ownership – As most homeowners upgrade their homes, they choose to opt for fewer outdoor chores and easier ownership. Since wooden railings need repainting, sanding, or re-staining, any of these low-maintenance railing styles reduces your outdoor workload.

Learn more about low-maintenance fences.

deck railing style shown in aluminum with stone pillars


Get Prices on the Deck Railing Style You Prefer

If one or more of these deck railings styles is the perfect match for your outdoor space, we’d love to build it for you. The first step of working with Smucker Fencing is an in-person consultation, during which we’ll discuss your options, measure your space, and give you the price to take care of everything.

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