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Pool Privacy Fences & Other Options

You can’t wait to open your brand new pool for the first time this summer – there’s just one thing missing: a fence. Not only is having a fence around a pool a legal requirement in PA, but it provides a sense of security and seclusion while you swim, too. Fortunately, you have a whole catalog of great options, including ever-popular pool privacy fences and in-demand other styles.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re the Lancaster and Chester County fence company that installs a wide variety of high-quality fencing. While there may be huge range of pieces on the market, we narrowed it down to the very best.  Keep reading to see our picks for exceptional pool privacy fences and other stylish pool fences!

The Best Privacy Fence around a Pool

When you’re swimming, lounging, and unwinding by the pool, the last thing you want is an audience. So, if your neighbors are close by, a privacy fence around the pool is a must for your new pool. When it comes to pool privacy fences, nothing beats vinyl for unbeatable seclusion, convenience, and aesthetics. Here’s why vinyl fences are our number one choice:

Vinyl pool fence in Chester PA


  • Very Low Maintenance Needs – You know your new pool is going to take work, but your fence shouldn’t have to. Vinyl fences have extremely low maintenance requirements, only needing to be washed with soap and water to look their best. Wood fences – the other primary choice for a privacy fence around a pool – pack the headache of needing to be re-painted and re-stained every few years.
  • Unbeatable Privacy – When it comes to the most efficient choice for blocking your neighbors’ gaze, vinyl can’t be beat. Vinyl pool privacy fences are very tall and there are no gaps in between panels that would allow anyone to sneak a peek. Simply put: for true privacy, this is the most effective option on the market.
  • Enhances Your Pool Décor – The most common viny fence colors are white and the new favorite tan. Both of these colors tend to pair extremely well with the attractive concrete of an in-ground pool. To turn your privacy fence into a style showpiece, consider a two-tone color scheme featuring two complementary hues.


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Combining Beauty & Function for Stylish Pool Fences

If an above average amount of acreage separates you from your nearest neighbors, privacy isn’t the main job of your pool fence. If you don’t want a privacy fence, you’ll find there are a wide range of stylish pool fences that keep your yard safe. A sleek and slim aluminum fence is our number one choice for a style-first pool fence – here’s why we endorse it when you don’t need privacy:

Privacy pool fence for backyard


  • No Maintenance Meets Long Lifespan – The semi-regular sorrow of having to fix and re-seal a wooden fence is over. Aluminum is a true no-maintenance fence that will last 50+ years without ever requiring you to lift a finger. In fact, darker aluminum colors don’t even show dirt, so you won’t even need to worry about basic spring cleaning.
  • Enjoy Your View – If you have an awe-inspiring view by your pool, then the last thing you want to do is to block it out. The minimalist pickets of this stylish pool fence will allow you to have full visibility of your yard and grounds. Thanks to the signature sleek look, aluminum fencing is the perfect choice for this.
  • Decorative Styles & Colors – Vinyl fences aren’t the only choice for bringing an intriguing color scheme to your backyard pool. Aluminum fences come in a surprising wide range of striking powder-coated colors, including bronze, silver, speckled walnut, and much more. When it comes to the decoration of the fence, you have a wide range of fence design options, such as the spacing of the pickets, the top rail style, and the shape of the picket tops!


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Stylish pool fence in Lancaster PA

In order to kick off the summer in your brand new pool, you need a fence. Since we know you have a lot of other things to coordinate, the Smucker Fencing team makes it easy to get the perfect fence for your pool. The first step is to bring us out for a conversation and a quote on your pool privacy fence.

Reach out right now to have a conversation or to schedule your at-home estimate!


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