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Style Spotlight: White Vinyl Privacy Fence

This fence is the complete package – a perfect combination of luxury style and practical advantages. A white vinyl privacy fence is a popular answer for homeowners looking to secure their pool, protect their new puppy, or keep their yard free of a nosy neighbor’s gaze.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a local fence contractor that installs a wide range of fences including vinyl, wood, and aluminum options. We’re highlighting the white vinyl privacy fence because it is one of the most enduring looks that also delivers a host of versatile advantages. See the diverse options when choosing one of these fences, discover all of the advantages, and a get quote to build one in your yard.

Brick home exterior paired with tan traditional privacy fence


All About this Trendy, Yet Traditional Privacy Fence

There’s no question that the tall and clean design of white vinyl makes it a traditional privacy fence that will match many different homes. However, it is timeless, too, as it looks on-trend now and very likely will for a long time. Here’s what you should know about this style fence:


Ample Decorative Accents

Neighborhood in PA with white vinyl privacy fence in yards

While you might imagine that a white vinyl privacy fence would be plain and simple, there are a surprisingly large array of decorative accents and options you can utilize to accentuate it. The fence panels themselves can either be flat or feature a shadow box style with vertical beams. Plus, you can select from a wide range of different decorative tops including a lattice, spindles, or a pattern of open pickets.


Height Options

Classic traditional tall white privacy fence in backyard

The height is one of the factors that gives this traditional privacy fence the ability to keep your yard fully secluded. Tall fences keep extra-large and extra-rambunctious dogs corralled safely in your yard. While 6-feet is the most common height to pick, there are more options that may be right for your space, including:

  • 4-feet
  • 5-feet
  • 6-feet
  • 7-feet
  • 8-feet


Maintenance Free

Traditional homes with white horse fence around pond in PA

While other traditional privacy fences – like wood – will require maintenance to stay attractive and strong over the years, vinyl is easy to own. Unlike a wooden privacy fence, a vinyl fence will never need to be painted or stained to prevent falling apart in the weather. All you need to do is occasionally wash it down with soap and water to keep it looking clean. Not only is this a low-maintenance fence, but it will last a lifetime, too!


Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

Traditional white privacy fence and gate

We don’t just simply say that your new fence is going to last a lifetime – there’s a warranty to back it up as well! If you buy a white vinyl picket fence from Smucker, it’ll be backed by a no-hassle lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This is meant to give you total peace-of-mind that the investment you make in your property is one that will last as long as you live there!


Perfect for Pools

Private backyard pool protected by white vinyl fence

One of the most popular uses for a white vinyl privacy fence is to secure and provide seclusion for a new pool. Not only does PA law require that in-ground pools be protected by secure fences, but you want to ensure that you enjoy true backyard privacy while you swim, too. This tall and sturdy fence excels in both regards – it meets all PA pool fence codes, and it is guaranteed to keep your pool-time activities away from prying eyes. Not only is it a practical choice, but it’s an attractive one, too! The white vinyl often contrasts nicely with tan pool concrete for an upscale look.

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Request Your At-Home Consultation & Free Quote

While white vinyl privacy fences may be the focus of today’s style spotlight, they are far from the only thing Smucker Fencing sells. Our team installs a wide range of modern yard fences and other traditional privacy fences. Ask us about sleek aluminum fencing, cedar fences, rustic farm fences, wooden picket fences, different color vinyl fences, and much more.

The first step to getting your brand new fence is an at-home consultation with our team. Our expert will measure your yard, help you finalize the fence you want, work with you to select decorative features, and get you a price to take care of everything.

Reach out right now to schedule your consultation and to get a free quote!

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