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Do I Put up the Fence or Pool First?

Which came first: the pool or the pool fence? It’s a question as old as time, and we’ve finally got the answer!  All joking aside: in this blog, we’re eliminating the confusion on all things pool fences by answering the pressing questions like, “Do I put up the fence or the pool first?” and, “Do I need to fence my pool?”.

At Smucker Fencing we’re a deluxe fence installer that often builds pool fences. In today’s blog we’re giving you complete answers to all of your most pressing questions about installing a pool fence — and we’re offering free in-home estimates!


Do I NEED to Fence My Pool?

Contractor planning outline for backyard pool

Not everything in life is black and white, but in the case of “do you need to fence your pool”, the answer is a solid yes. For an, inground pool (and most other types of above ground pools) fence is an absolute legal requirement known as the BOCA Pool Code. While most pool fence laws are too long and detailed read, if you’re still wondering “Do I need to fence my pool?”, just know that yes, yes you do! The only exception is that above-ground fences with sides taller than 4 feet may not require one.

Besides the obvious safety precautions for your family and children, you do need to fence your pool to also keep out unwanted animals, people, and debris. While there’s good reason for mandating this stipulation, we know you may still have a few questions about it. Check out our blog explaining pool fence laws and requirements in Chester and Lancaster County, PA.


Digging the Pool Before Setting Up the Fence

Puppy swimming in fenced pool

­“Do I put up the fence or the pool first?” is actually one of the most common questions we get asked when homeowner’s are considering adding a pool to their backyard or finding the best pool fence for their budget.

There’s no doubt you need to put a fence around your pool – the only question now is do you put up the fence or the pool first?

In almost every scenario, it makes sense to install the pool first. Not only will this be easier for you, but it’s also easier for your pool construction team if the fence is installed following the pool. If the fence is installed before the pool, it will most often get in the way of construction equipment, crews, and other renovating teams. In some cases, part of the fence may even need to be removed in order to make room for the pool installer’s excavators. At the end of the day, you’re looking at additional costs AND additional lead time.

For that reason and more, it’s important you put up the fence before digging the pool. However, you should always make sure you schedule the fence installation ahead of time – BEFORE the pool is built. We recommend this to avoid any period between your pool’s installation and fence’s installation where your pool is left unprotected and against the law.


Pool Fence Summary & FAQ’s

Q: Do I need to fence my pool?

A: Yes, you need to fence your pool as it is a requirement by law. The BOCA Pool Code provides specifics on height and style, but in short, you must have a pool fence if you have an inground pool.

Q: What is the best pool fence?

A: Experts recommend aluminum fencing as being the best material for pool fences. The low maintenance material and sleek looking style of aluminum fencing makes it one of the most popular options.

Q: Do I need to fence an above ground pool?

A: If your above ground pool sides are 4 feet or more above the ground, then no, you are not required to have a fence.

Q:How far in advance should I schedule my fence installation?

A: If you want your fence completed by a specific date, make sure to voice your time frame expectations to the contractor, and try to give a generous amount of lead time for them to work with. Usually 4-12 weeks is enough notice.


Schedule Your Pool Fence Installation with Smucker Fencing

Aluminum fence installed after pool construction

From crisp white vinyl fencing to modern aluminum fences and classic wood, Smucker Fencing has the options and knowledge needed to create a beautiful pool fence for you!

At Smucker Fencing, our fence installation lead time can range anywhere from 3-8 weeks depending on the time of year, so it’s important to make that call sooner rather than later. We’re happy to provide free pool fence quotes for homeowners in Chester and Lancaster County and the surrounding areas!

Get in contact with our professional fence installation team in Lancaster, PA and let’s discuss your plans for a pool-filled summer of safe fun!

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