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Beautiful Fence Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Your fence has an important job to do – keeping your home secure and your pets safely in your yard – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an integral part of your outdoor décor. A truly standout fence both fulfills these duties while providing the wow-factor that’ll make your home the talk of the block. If you’re looking for inspiration for your new fence, we’ve got you covered – take a look at this list of truly beautiful fence ideas!


Fence Inspiration for 2021 and Beyond

From rustic wooden styles to sleek luxury designs of vinyl and aluminum – you’ll find fence inspiration for every type of home and garden. Any fence you choose from us will be sturdy, secure, and a genuine asset to your home décor. We certainly hope these beautiful fence ideas will spark your imagination – but if you don’t see exactly what you want, we can custom build almost any fence you can dream of!


White Vinyl Privacy with a Twist – A true classic of the American suburban style, this vinyl privacy fence is a strong option for homeowners who appreciate tradition but like to pair it with an extra flourish. Notice the unique spindle top rail which really catches the eye and makes conversations with your fence neighbor just a little easier. This tall fence is a great solution to keep your backyard private and your pool protected.

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White vinyl fence idea



Post and Board Fence – This rustic ranch style fence is an unexpected but amazing complement to this upscale backyard. The slip board style fence has been upgraded with wire to make it an effective option for keeping pups comfortably corralled in the backyard. Not only does this fence create a unique ranch aesthetic, but it is one of the most affordable fence options on the market!

Inspiring fence installation in West Chester PA



Cedar Privacy Fence – Certainly one of the most beautiful fence ideas we have to share! This attractive fence provides full privacy while showcasing the wow-factor color of real cedar. Notice how the lattice top rail gives this fence a distinct profile and makes it even more interesting to look at. While cedar is naturally bug AND rot resistant material, it can’t quite match the low-maintenance convenience of vinyl and aluminum. However, for those who love the look of cedar, that won’t matter.

 beautiful fence inspiration for Cedar fence



Aluminum Fence with Stone Columns – Last (but certainly not least!) in our fence inspiration gallery: check out this black aluminum fence paired with intermittent stone columns. Pairing the masonry stone with the aluminum creates a stately and secure impression for the property that few can match. The elegant look is made complete by the regal spear tops. This fence certainly showcases a luxury look but will also prove very effective at keeping a new pool legal or a new puppy safely confined!

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Beautiful aluminum fence inspiration



Also Installing Railings and Gates

While fence installation is our signature service, we’re also able to help you complete your outdoor space with other key upgrades. Installing railing systems for patios, decks, and outdoor staircases has become another in-demand way we help homeowners complete their dream outdoor spaces. As is the case with fencing, there are ample railing types, each with a different aesthetic and advantages.

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On the other hand, driveway gates pair perfectly with our fences. Often connected to a matching fence, driveway gates add another level of security to your property and also create a truly distinguished curb appeal.


Bring Your Beautiful Fence Ideas to Life & Get Prices   

Feeling motivated by our fence inspiration gallery? Our team is standing by to help you. If you want to bring these beautiful fence ideas to your yard, the first step is to reach out for a free style consultation and quote. Our fence designers will measure your yard, show you your options, and work with you to find a perfect match.

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