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Why You Need a No-Maintenance Pergola

Imagine a gorgeous luxury pergola as the perfect finishing touch on your dream outdoor space. How could it get any better? If you never need to do any serious work to maintain it! The combination of beauty and practicality are why no-maintenance pergolas are rapidly becoming the most popular pergola on the market!

We’re pleased to announce that at Smucker Fencing, we do more than just install fences and railings. We also build gorgeous high-quality pergolas that our customers absolutely love. As is the case with any of our services, we take care of everything – all you need to do is let us know what you want! See more about why a no-maintenance pergola is the only real choice and get your price today!

No maintenance white vinyl backyard pergola


What to Expect from Our Maintenance-Free Pergolas

No one wants to spend their weekends cleaning and maintaining their outdoor structures. You want to spend your time enjoying your beautiful outdoor space. Since all of the pergolas we install are 100% coated in vinyl, they boast unbeatable no-maintenance advantages. Our maintenance-free pergolas mean you never need to do ANY serious work to keep them looking their absolute best. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. No Painting or Staining–In order to keep a wooden pergola protected and watertight, you need to keep it freshly painted or stained at all times. Over time in the sun, the paint and stain of a wooden pergola begins to chip and peel, looking unsightly and exposing the structure to serious risk. This can mean every year or every other year, you’re undertaking a big project just to keep your pergola from falling apart. One of our upscale maintenance-free pergolas will NEVER need serious maintenance – and will look beautiful the entire time.
  2. Complete Immunity from Rot, Rust, & – If you neglect to paint or a stain a wood pergola for too long, it will grow rot and mold, before eventually falling apart. A cheap metal pergola will quickly rust and meet a similar fate of winding up in a landfill. Here’s where vinyl sets itself apart – our vinyl pergolas are 100% immune to everything that destroys other pergolas.
  3. Easy Cleaning– If you have one of our no-maintenance vinyl pergolas in the yard or on your deck, your work is basically done. The only thing you’ll never to do is to wipe the pergola down with gentle dish soap and water from time to time. Even this step is more of spring cleaning than serious maintenance. The only reason you need to wash it is to wipe away to keep it looking bright and beautiful.
    This is a very similar cleaning one of our top fences – learn about our low maintenance fences!
  4. Lasts for Decades– Since vinyl is completely protected from all of the common problems that damage most outdoor structures, you can expect your pergola to last a very long time. Not only that, but our pieces are all designed and built to be sturdy enough to even survive fairly high winds. This is why we feel confident telling our customers that a pergola we install will last more than 50 years without issues.


Pergola Style Inspiration

You know that our maintenance-free pergolas are tough enough to stand up to the elements and very convenient to own, but their best quality is their beautiful style! Small or sprawling, they look absolutely exceptional and bring a unique quality to each space. Explore a few of our favorite projects that showcase how much a pergola can bring to a space!

Not sure where to place your dream-come-true pergola? Check out these backyard pergola ideas!


Get a Quote on Your No-Maintenance Pergola

A no-maintenance pergola is the best choice to create a truly gorgeous outdoor space that you’ll love using year after year. You’re investing in a pergola that will be a part of your home for as long as you live there.

If you’re ready to bring home one of these in-demand outdoor accessories, our team is standing by to help. The first step is a conversation to discuss the size and style you like and to get you a price to take care of everything!

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