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Style Showcase: Arched Fences

There have never been more ways that your new fence accentuates and improves your outdoor style. From unique materials to striking colors, fences provide nearly as much style as they do practical benefits. Arched fences are one of the hottest trends that can add an extra eye-catching touch to your backyard!

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a Chester County fence installer that installs a wide variety of fences, including these in-demand arch top fences. The curved or arch top adds a unique profile to almost any style of fence and stands out in a neighborhood of all flat top fences. Check out arched fences that you can bring to your backyard – and reach out to our team to get quotes today!

White arched fence surrounding pool with bushes


Curved Top Fence Options  

A custom option on our ever popular vinyl fences, curve top fences come with either a concave or a convex arching top. There are multiple different types of curved top fence options you can choose from that provide as much or as little yard privacy as you want. As always, you can select the height, color options, and many other details when you work with us.


Curved Picket Fence

Vinyl curved top fence in backyard

Some of the most common styles in any neighborhood, picket fences are outstanding for keeping pups corralled and your yard safe – without blocking much of your view to the outside. This curved top fence has an interesting look thanks to the curving top pickets, and it even serves to make the post tops look even more impressive!


Curved Picket Top Privacy Fence

Two toned arch top fence for privacy

This arched fence style pairs a solid privacy panel with an arched top made of pickets. For some homeowners, this is the best of both worlds as the bottom half provides unbeatable privacy, while you can still look out through the picket top. For added style, you can opt for a two-tone color combination by choosing a different color privacy panel.


Curved Top Full Privacy Fence

Pool fence in tan with curved top

This full privacy fence has a gentle curved top and is one of our most unique options. While other curved top fences use pickets to achieve the arched look, this one does it with a solid privacy panel. Fantastic for use around a pool, this arch top fence delivers unbeatable privacy with a unique curved flair.


Low-Maintenance Advantages of Our Arch Top Fences

The main reason that arch top fences have become such a standout choice is the unique style they add to your entire outdoor space. However, since all of these fences are made of vinyl, they also provide the added benefit of low-maintenance convenience.

While wooden fences need to be painted or stained every few years to stay protected from the dangers of rot and mold, vinyl is 100% immune to both. In order to keep these fences looking their very best, you simply need to periodically wash them with dish soap and water. However, even that chore is more cosmetic than necessary – so if you happen to forget to do it, there’s no harm done!

First and foremost, this means you never need to undertake heavy-duty maintenance to keep your vinyl arch top fence in top shape. The other best part is that all vinyl fences have an extraordinarily long lifetime and will easily last for decades in the elements – and look outstanding the entire time!

Wooden arched privacy fence


Get Quotes on Arched Fences

Arched fences are a striking yard design trend that makes almost any fence a great style piece. Whether you’re keeping your dog safely corralled in your yard or building a backyard pool oasis, one of these fences may be perfect. If you’re ready to take the next step, our team is here to work with you.

The first step is an at-home conversation with our professionals about the style you want and the coverage you need. Not only will we help you find the perfect fence for your space, but we’ll get you a quote to take care of everything.

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