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2022 Style Trend: Two-Tone Vinyl Fences

Complete backyard privacy with a magazine worthy-style – that’s what we’re featuring here. Most homeowners know that a tall privacy fence is the best to secure your yard and to safeguard the sense of seclusion you want to enjoy. What they don’t know is that two-tone vinyl fences are some of the most beautiful fencing choices you’ll see anywhere.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a Lancaster and Chester County fence contractor who installs almost any style fence that our customers want. These two-tone vinyl fences represent the top end of effectiveness and style! See four of our favorite options – and request your free quote today!

two tone tan and white privacy fence with lattice top


Must-See Two-Tone Privacy Fence Color Combos

If you’re building a pool or putting the finishing touches on your outdoor living space, these fences make your yard truly secluded year-round. The signature color combination of these two-tone privacy fences comes from the fence frame and the panel. Here are four trending color combos:


White & Tan

White and beige two tone vinyl fence

This two-tone vinyl fence is an absolute style showstopper! Firstly, white and tan are two of the most common vinyl siding and trim colors on houses – so this style fence gives you a fantastic way to match your home. When used to surround an inground pool, this style really comes alive. The contrast of white and tan vinyl plays well with the colors of a pool and creates a feel like an upscale resort…right in your backyard.

See more beautiful pool fences.


Black & Brown

Two tone privacy fence with black and brown color

One of the most popular color choices of this trend, this fence has a classic look that can accompany almost any style. The black frame plays off of the faux wood grain privacy panel perfectly for a style you’ll never get tired of. This fence looks its best when securing a big suburban yard with a nice tree line!


White & Gray

Two tone white and gray privacy fence

While two-tone privacy fences are often meant to deliver bold styles, this contrast creates a more subtle look. The white and gray colors are similar enough that the look is safe and neutral – yet still more multifaceted than a plain white fence. This can be a great style for almost any backyard and almost any type of home!


Dark Brown & Light Brown

two tone vinyl fence installed in chester county pa

There’s no question that all of these fences are decidedly contemporary in style. However, this color scheme alludes to rustic wooden fences of the past. The darker brown wood frame paired with the lighter brown creates a look similar to a cedar or wooden privacy fence. In fact, there is a subtle graining on the privacy panel that is reminiscent of wood.

If these two-tone privacy fences are a little much for your aesthetic sensibilities, we also offer a wide range of single-color fences that can complement your house, too!


Added Benefit: Ultra Low-Maintenance

Think you can’t love these gorgeous two-tone vinyl fences anymore? Here’s some good news: they are all ultra-low maintenance! That means you’ll never need to paint, stain, or seal these fences to keep them protected from the elements. In fact, all you’ll ever need to do to keep their colors looking their best is wash them occasionally with soap and water. Additionally, not only are these fences very easy to own, but they’ll easily last 50+ years. Each of these trending fences are both attractive complements to your outdoor style and they are a smart buy, too!


Get Quotes on Two-Tone Vinyl Fences

These two-tone vinyl fences are the hot style trend of 2022 – yet they’re elegant and timeless enough to look amazing for decades to come. If you’re interested in bringing one of these styles to your home, we’re here to help.

The first step is an at-home consultation with one of our designers. They’ll help you compare, contrast, and finalize the style that fits your home. Then they’ll make measurements and get you the price to take care of everything!

Contact us right now to start the conversation!

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