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Maintenance-Free Railings: Decks & Porches

If you’re like most homeowners, every upgrade you make to your property should make it more beautiful looking and more convenient to own. That means replacing the old and outdated with the new and the no-maintenance. When it comes to your deck or porch, upgrading to beautiful, maintenance-free railings will upgrade the look of the space, while making for one less chore for you!

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a fence and railing company that installs top-quality pieces throughout the year. We offer two lines of maintenance-free railings (cable and aluminum) and one low-maintenance railing (vinyl). Compared to standard wood railings, all three of these fantastic materials are great to own, as they will last a lifetime without ever needing to be re-painted or re-stained. Keep reading to see all of these options in depth – or reach out to our team to get your quotes today!


True No-Maintenance Railings

Sleek metal style and unbeatable strength, these metal railings are a fantastic choice when upgrading your deck, porch, or anywhere else. Both of our no-maintenance railings will last a lifetime – and are backed with a no-hassle guarantee to prove it. While both of these railings are made of metal, they are completely impervious to the elements, for long-lasting strength and beauty.


Aluminum Railings

Just like an aluminum fence, aluminum railings are constructed with attractive vertical spindles framed with horizontal bars. Aluminum railings are available in a wide range of different colors from classic black and textured bronze, to white and speckled walnut. This fence will never rust and never require even a single afternoon of maintenance or cleaning to keep it looking great!

Why have an aluminum railing?

  1. No maintenance or cleaning needed
  2. Sleek metal style
  3. Variety of color choices
  4. Affordable


Cable Railing

The most minimalist no-maintenance railing, cable railings deliver standout fall protection while leaving your view completely intact. As there are multiple styles of cable railings, you can opt for vertical or horizontal cables to complete your space. While both of these sleek metal railings are contemporary, cable railings are the most style-forward modern choice. However, all of these advantages do come with a price tag, as cable railings are more expensive than both vinyl and aluminum options.

Why have a cable railing?

  1. No maintenance or cleaning needed
  2. The most modern style
  3. Horizontal or vertical cable railings
  4. Keeps amazing views unobstructed


Our Pick for Convenient Low-Maintenance Deck Railings

The difference between these low-maintenance deck railings and true maintenance-free railings is pretty slim. BOTH options will absolutely transform your exterior space and give you one less chore to do! Once again, investing in this railing will give you a lifetime of performance and style.


Vinyl Railing

While the previous two options are true maintenance-free railings, these vinyl railings aren’t far behind. Plus, the classic style of low-maintenance deck railings in vinyl can more than make up for the small amount of maintenance they require! For some designs, the elegant vinyl look is the perfect complement to the rest of your outdoor space – especially if you have a vinyl fence. Just like vinyl fences, vinyl railings will never need to be re-finished and will last forever (backed by a no-hassle lifetime warranty). All you’ll need to do to keep them looking pristine is to periodically wash them with soap and water!

Why have a vinyl railing?

  1. No serious maintenance needed
  2. Classically elegant style
  3. Matches popular vinyl fences
  4. Affordable


Get Quotes on Maintenance-Free Railings

aluminum porch railing on brick home

Any of these low- or maintenance-free railings will make your outdoor space safer and more beautiful without necessitating serious maintenance. Whether you love the ultra-modern cable or you prefer the more traditional aluminum or vinyl railing, you can’t go wrong.

The first step to any project with Smucker Fencing is an in-home consultation with our team. Not only will our experts help you find the perfect material to complete your space, but we’ll make measurements and give you a price to take care of everything.

Reach out right now to request your free consultation!

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