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Deck Makeover Ideas for Every Budget

When your deck was new, you loved to spend time out there — family dinners, backyard parties, you name it. Now that your deck has seen better days, you’ve fallen out of love. You need a deck makeover to transform your deck from drab to dream, from before to after.

Re-decking or building a whole new deck is insanely expensive and most homeowners aren’t too excited about that price tag. Instead, we have a wide variety of deck makeover ideas, tips, and upgrades to turn your deck into a showstopper — no matter your budget. Deck makeover on a budget is possible, you just need the right know-how and the right pieces to make it happen.

Check out our unique deck decorating ideas — and see how Smucker Fencing supplies the secret ingredient to a masterpiece deck makeover!

Re-staining Wooden Deck

Re-staining or Repainting

When your deck was new, it was the color of maple or mahogany — now it looks more like washed-up driftwood after a hurricane.

Over time, your wooden deck boards really show their age. Either re-staining or repainting them can turn back the clock on how old your deck looks. A little of bit hardware store stain and an afternoon of some hard work makes this a great deck makeover tip.

Add an Area Rug

Looking for a less labor-intensive way to go from before to after on a budget? Adding an area rug can earn style points in two different ways. First of all, you can cover up those shabby sections of your deck. Second of all, your outdoor area rug can add an exciting splash of color to your monochromatic deck.

Plus, compare the price of an area rug to new deck boards and you’ll see why this is a popular choice for deck makeover on a budget.

Backyard Deck with Outdoor Area Rug

Deck with Outdoor Sitting Area

Fun Outdoor Furniture

It’s time to unwind! Not only can new outdoor furniture make your deck look newer, it can make you more likely to use it. Being comfortable goes a long way, so if you can enjoy your deck without hurting your back, you’ll be more likely to appreciate it.

The addition of furniture is also another ideal area in which you can proclaim your personal design style and add a warm pop of summer color to your backyard.

Putting Greens & Ping-Pong Tables 

Sometimes looks aren’t everything. Your deck makeover can be focused on making your deck more fun — rather than just prettier. In your own backyard space, functional design can be the difference between an average and an awesome environment.

Center your deck around outdoor games or hobbies and you’ll get way more use out of your deck. A few of our favorite ideas include a putting green, ping-pong table, or cornhole!

Backyard Putting Green on Deck

Potted Plants to Decorate Old Deck

Potted & Hanging Plants

A great idea for a deck makeover on a budget? Try out your green thumb by turning your deck into an amateur arboretum. Just like an area rug contributes a splash of color, plants can do the same thing and more.

You can also coordinate the landscaping around the deck itself to create a natural transition from deck to yard. Not only do plants add an extra natural element, but they are also super helpful for the environment.

Get a Fire Pit or Chimenea

Unbeatable ambiance and roasting marshmallows — that’s a win-win.

Sitting around a fire on your deck is one of the best and most soothing ways to enjoy a dusky summer evening.

Adding a fire pit, chimenea or other fire feature can quickly transform your deck into the centerpiece of your backyard and home.

Outdoor Electric Fire Pit on Deck

New Vinyl Railing on Two Story Deck

New Deck Railings

Deck railings are there for your safety and to add a sense of style. However, deck railings can deteriorate and show their age very quickly. Upgrading your deck railing can be a cost-effective strategy to improve the style of your whole deck. Eyesore no more, modern railing systems choices come in a wide variety of materials and styles, enhancing the look of your deck.  We have a long track record of helping homeowners improve their decks with our showstopper railings.


Showpiece Deck Railings: Aluminum and Vinyl

While at Smucker Fencing, we may be better known for our deluxe fences, but we also have a long track record of installing stunning deck railings. While your decks likely came with a plain wooden railing, you have the option to upgrade to a modern vinyl or aluminum deck railing.

Vinyl deck railings — Instantly recognizable with the white vinyl look, this modern deck railing builds a unique clean style. Practically maintenance-free, vinyl railings have a sharp contrast against a wooden deck.

Aluminum deck railings — The most popular choice for modern deck railings, aluminum deck railings have a sleek and stylish profile that can easily transform a deck. Just like aluminum fences, aluminum railings are completely maintenance-free and come in a variety of colors, including black, textured bronze, brown, speckled walnut, sandy shore, and even white.

See our full gallery of deck and porch railings.


Deck Railing and Fence Installers

Smucker Fencing is a family owned and operated company dedicated to installing stylish fences and deck railings. We bring our services to homeowners throughout Chester County and South Central Pennsylvania.

If you want to learn more about building a new fence or deck railing, start the conversation today.

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