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7 Creative Ideas for the BEST Front Porch Makeover

It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

Every time girl scouts, guests, or Amazon deliverymen ring your doorbell. Knowing that your once-nice front porch has seen better days. When a porch looks great, it’s the highlight of your home curb appeal. When it looks rough, it can seriously detract from your exterior style.

We know that struggle all too well, and at Smucker Fencing, we firmly believe that your front porch should be something you want to show off, not something to sheepishly tiptoe around. Check out the doors, floors and decor ideas for the ultimate front porch makeover – and don’t forget to call Smucker Fencing for installation that’ll blow you away!


Front Porch Update Ideas

The greatest thing about porches? They come in all shapes and sizes. The worst thing about porches? They come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, you read that right. Because of the varying sizes and designs front porches have, styling one can be challenging to say the least!

Thankfully, the front porch update ideas we’re about to share with you hold serious value, no matter what your porch looks like now. Keep on reading to discover 7 front porch makeover ideas that will elevate your exterior look without having to drain the vacation fund to do it.


7 Bright Front Porch Upgrades

Seasonal decorations come and go, but these front porch update ideas will keep the bones of your porch looking flawless all year long.

New Railing

Black aluminum porch railing on condo

Replace those flimsy, splintered, paint-peeled wooden safety hazards with new vinyl or aluminum railings. Upgrading to a maintenance-free, stylish alternative will end up saving you time, and giving the entire front porch a cleaner, more put together look. Shop our vinyl and aluminum porch railing products from the comfort of your home via our website!


A Secret Pop of Color

Colorful front porch makeover

We’re sure you’ve heard of painting your porch floor – but, what about the ceiling? What looks like your average joe of front porch design includes a fun pop of color when guests step inside it. There’s nothing more fun than a secret surprise, and this front porch upgrade idea is no exception!


Craftsman Columns  

Craftsman front porch upgrades

One of the most effective yet overlooked front porch upgrades is adding vinyl or aluminum columns. Replace your worn-out wooden columns with sleek new ones made from maintenance free, long-lasting vinyl or aluminum. See front porch column ideas here!


Flourish with Flowers  

Flower boxes on front porch

Get creative with your green thumb! While hanging and potted plants are a great “safe” option, try using unique items for flowerpots, or implementing large window boxes to have your front porch upgrade looking fresh and full of life.


Do More with Floors  

Front porch tile flooring ideas

Flooring is usually the last thing on your mind when considering front porch upgrade ideas. Whatever is there now can stay – it is functional after all! However, the difference between functional and functional beauty is a decade of difference. Wooden planks, artesian tiles, bricks, and stone tiles are just a few of the several outdoor flooring options that will take your space from mid-century mess to modern masterpiece.


Swing into Style  

Front porch swing makeover

Having a front porch that doubles as a family hangout is a southern tradition we think definitely needs to be brought north! Adding a porch swing or bench seating is a front porch update idea from our design experts that is compatible with porches large and small.


Your Décor & More  

Home porch makeover decorations

If your porch has good bones, a few cosmetic decorations may be all you need for a measurable front porch makeover. Splurging on a new welcome mat, outdoor rug, house number sign, door wreath or porch plant is well worth the small investment. Busy florals and geometric prints are fall pattern trends to capitalize on for your front porch upgrade!


A Front Porch Makeover from Smucker Fencing

Now is the perfect time to give that long-ignored welcome space the front porch makeover it needs – and Smucker Fencing is the team that can help make it possible!

Whether you’ve got a game-plan in mind or you’re just getting started and need more front porch update ideas, give us a call. We’ve designed and installed railing and columns on dozens of porches throughout Lancaster and Chester County, PA.

Don’t put this renovation off any longer! Start today with free pricing and all the information you need to make this your best front porch makeover yet.

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