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What Makes the Best Yard Fences for Kids?

When you’re a parent, your children’s safety impacts every decision you make — even the fence you buy for your yard. Protecting your front or back yard with the best yard fence allows your children to explore freely and safely.

At Smucker Fencing, we specialize in helping you find the perfect fence for your décor, your budget, and your family. Learn what makes for the best yard fences for kids — and get your quote today.


The Safest Yard Fences for Children

To your kids, every square foot of the yard — from the front door to the fence — is part of their kingdom. The right fence allows your children to love every inch of their front yard or backyard kingdom without you having to watch them like a hawk.

When looking for the best yard fence for your kids, you need to consider the safest fence itself — as well as what will keep them best protected from the outside world.



1. Safest Fence Materials for Kids

Vinyl and aluminum fences are your long-term best yard fences for children (not to mention, the nicest looking). While wooden and wooden-wire fences are good options for some homeowners, over time the wood can splinter and the wire can break off.  Both the splintered wood and the wire can pose a risk to children’s curious hands.

However, vinyl and aluminum fences stay just as smooth and splinter-free as the day they were installed.

Aluminum grade fence in residential yard



2. Flat Rail on Aluminum Fences

If you choose to go with an aluminum fence for your kids, you should opt for a flat rail rather than a spear. Although the spears do add a regal style to your yard décor, they can possibly hurt your children’s hands if they hit them hard. A flat rail aluminum fence still boasts a unique style and is 100% safe.

Learn more about aluminum fence styles.

Flat top aluminum backyard fence for kids



3. A Gate that’s Easy to Tell If It’s Latched

If you don’t fully close and latch your gate, your kids may take that as an opportunity to play jailbreak and escape into the street. If that’s a concern for you, it helps to have a gate that is easy to tell if it’s latched but harder to actually open. This can be an especially important feature if you live along a busy road — or if people have the habit of speeding through your neighborhood.

Vinyl Backyard Fence with Gate



4. A Fence that’s Hard to Climb

Some kids are climbers and others aren’t. If your children have never met a tree that they didn’t want to scale, this is an important tip for you. Since aluminum and vinyl privacy fences are flat surfaces, they don’t have footholds that make climbing possible. This can be an important point when finding the best yard fence for your kids.

Georgetown White Vinyl Privacy Fence



5. Strong and Big Enough to Keep Them Protected

While you live in a pretty safe area — where nothing dangerous happens — you still want the best yard fence that will keep your kids secure in case your neighborhood ever becomes unsafe. Whether you’d need to keep a wild animal or an intruder out of your yard, you need a fence that’s big enough and strong enough to do the job.

We recommend our commercial grade aluminum fencing as one of the best yard fences we offer. In addition, we often install fences that are 6 feet tall.

Learn more about choosing the right fence to keep your pets safe.

Regis 4233 Commercial Aluminum Fence



Fence Installation Experts

Whether you know what you’re looking for — or if you’re still on the fence — the first step is a conversation with the fence experts at Smucker Fencing. We can help you find the best yard fence that meets your style, your budget, and the needs of your family.

We have tons of experience helping parents find the safest yard fence for kids — contact us to start the conversation today.


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