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The Best Selling Luxury Pool Fences

Your beautiful inground pool calls for an equally amazing fence. Luxury pool fences are specifically designed to accompany attractive spaces, delivering style, security, and convenience. We’re featuring the two main choices right here: aluminum and vinyl.

At Smucker Fencing, we specialize vinyl fence installation and aluminum fence installation. Take a closer look at these two luxury pool fences, the advantages of each, and see some of our recent work. Keep reading to explore more or reach out to our team to get started right now!

Choose One of These Elite Pool Fence Options

While there are a wide range of inexpensive fences that many homeowners prefer, elite pool fences deliver more attractive styles and an elegant profile that pairs well with their landscaping and hardscaping. Both vinyl and aluminum are the top choices – check out the key advantages of each fence material type:

Aluminum Luxury Pool Fence

Consistently the most popular of the elite pool fence options, aluminum fencing offers several key advantages. Firstly, these luxury fences work very well with attractive landscaping like trees, flowers, stone, and shrubbery. While vinyl privacy fences are great, they can get in the way of your creative landscaping efforts. On top of that, our aluminum fences are 100% maintenance-free and will last for decades! The only possible downside of these fences is that they don’t provide significant privacy. While this may be a dealbreaker for some, many homes have enough space around them to not worry about the nearest neighbor seeing them in their yard and pool.

  • Modern Style
  • Great with Landscaping
  • No Maintenance Ever


Vinyl Privacy Pool Fence

If you need privacy to complete your backyard pool oasis, then you can’t do better than with a vinyl fence! The tall and striking panels of these fences will certainly ensure you feel totally comfortable even if your neighbor is close by. From a style standpoint, our vinyl fences have an elegantly clean profile that matches most homes. The look can also be customized by choosing different panel and frame colors and different top rail styles. There are even new designer styles that have the look of wooden panels – just with the advantages of vinyl! Plus, vinyl fences will last for 50+ years and only require very light cleaning to keeping them looking as good as when they were brand new!

  • Privacy Options
  • Clean Elegant Looks
  • Low-Maintenance Needs
  • Variety of Styles

Can you imagine bringing one of these luxury pool fence options to your backyard? Then our team is on hand to take the next step with you! Fill out a form or give us a call right now!

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Do You REALLY Need to Have a Pool Fence?

While there are a lot of reasons you’d want a fence around your pool, a pool fence is also a legal requirement. There are a series of fence pool codes in PA and other states that specify that you must have a secure fence around any pool. This binding code is a safety regulation meant to ensure that no one accidentally falls into your pool – and it is 100% non-negotiable.

Learn more about the specific pool fence laws in PA.

Bottom line: While you don’t need to have a luxury pool fence, you absolutely MUST have some type of fence around your pool.

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When you want to get started, we make it easy! The first step is an at-home consultation with one of our team members. During the consultation you’ll be able to see all of your luxury pool fence options and get expert answers to your questions. After that, we’ll take measurements around your yard and get you a price to take care of everything! Give us a call or fill out a form to schedule your consultation now!

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