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Decorative Fence Styles for Different Houses

A high-quality fence ensures your yard feels private, corrals your pet or child safely in the yard, and serves plenty of other practical benefits. However, a fence is also a stylish decoration that enhances how your home looks. Pairing the style of your fence to the style of your home is one of the best ways to create a unified outdoor aesthetic. Read our latest blog to see the decorative fence styles that pair with the colonial, modern, and farmhouse style homes.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a fencing company that installs an impressive range of different fences throughout Lancaster and Chester Counties. If you want to have a conversation right away, our design team is standing by to help you select your style and get you a price to handle everything.


Charming Colonial Fence Styles for New and Historic Homes

Colonial Home with white Fence Styles

One of the most common home styles in our area, you’ll find historical colonials as well as contemporary builds that take inspiration from that style. Since colonial homes tend to have a very formal and upscale presence, the best colonial fence styles match that as well.

Because most modern colonial homes are built with vinyl siding, a white or tan vinyl fence makes for a safe yet striking color combo. In addition, colonial houses have a very traditional feel, the traditional straight posts and panels of vinyl fences pair with them well. On the other hand, the sleek look of a black aluminum fence looks impressive when paired with a tall, 2-story colonial style home.

The Best Colonial Fence Styles:

  • White or Tan Vinyl
  • Black Aluminum


Marvelous Fence Options for Mid-Century Modern Homes

Decorative Fence Style for Modern Home

A popular home style for those with a distinct sense of architectural style, Mid-Century modern homes feature straight lines, boxy shapes, and a cooler color palette. Whether they were built as part of the initial mid-century boom or part of the recent revival, these homes are a joy to accessorize with different decorative fence styles.

Since bold choices are a hallmark of this architectural style, a two-tone vinyl privacy fence is a great option to enhance the curb appeal. Once again, the sleek and straight looks of a black aluminum fence pair well with the clean lines that are part of the signature look of any modern home.

While low-maintenance fence materials like vinyl and aluminum may feel more modern, cedar fencing can actually be a strong choice here. Bringing a single rustic touch to a modern property can add a whole new dimension to the exterior style.

The Best Mid-Century Fence Styles:

  • Two-Tone Vinyl
  • Black Aluminum
  • Cedar


Authentic Farmhouse Style Fences

Farmhouse with new brown wooden fence

For those who love the classic style of a farmhouse, nothing “new” can ever come close. The best farmhouse style fences accentuate the historical look of the home by evoking a similar old-time feel. Wooden slip board and split rail fences are easily the most popular choice for fencing a farmhouse in 2021. These farm fences feature wooden posts connected by individual rails – and are actually one of the most affordable decorative fence styles on the market today. Plus, if you plan to keep animals, we can outfit these farmhouse style fences with chicken wire to make them very effective at protecting pets of all kinds.

See more rustic fences right here.

However, if you’d rather bring the longevity and convenience of vinyl to your farmhouse, we have an option for that, too. Modern farmhouse style fences use low-maintenance vinyl to closely recreate the distinct look of a slip board or a split rail fence.

The Best Farmhouse Style Fences:

  • Wooden split rail fences
  • Wooden slip board fences
  • Vinyl split farm fences


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Whether you’re hunting for a colonial fence, some modern options, or farmhouse style fences, we have the style to suit – guaranteed! We install elite-quality fences that protect your privacy, secure your yard, and last for decades – all while enhancing the look of your home’s curb appeal. If you’re ready to check this project off your to-do list, reach out to our design team today. We’ll help you find your favorite decorative fence style – and get you the quote to install it, too!

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