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5 Trending Contemporary Fence Styles

From a style standpoint, there’s never been a more exciting time to bring home a new fence. While all of these contemporary fence styles will do a fantastic job securing your outdoor space, they also provide a unique look and enhance the style of your backyard. Check out some the top trending fencing styles that have become favorites of our clients.

At Smucker Fencing, we’re a fence installer who works throughout Lancaster County and Chester County. Keep reading to discover 5 fantastic contemporary fence styles that can transform your yard – then get a quote for our team to take care of everything!


Favorite Modern Fence Panels to Explore

While all fences have an important job to do, some fences look plain while they do it – and others look simply stunning. More and more, modern fence panels are designed to put an extra emphasis on their aesthetic look, without sacrificing your yard’s privacy and security. Here are 5 great choices you can bring home:

Modern fence panel in front yard of home

Horizontal Semi-Privacy

Traditional semi-privacy yard fences are a great choice as they provide a semblance of security and privacy, without blocking too much of your view. This modern fence panel flips the script by having the lines running horizontally rather than vertically. This unique configuration makes for a style showstopper that delivers the practical semi-privacy advantages you need.

Black Vinyl Privacy Fence

Dark, dramatic, and a dream-come-true for some homeowners, black privacy fences are one of the newest contemporary fence styles we’re installing. Since white vinyl is one of the most popular types of fences of all time, having the opposite version of that makes so much sense from a style standpoint. These black vinyl fences are often used to complement upscale modern homes, looking fantastic when paired with black window frames or black home trim.

Black contemporary fence style by pool

Modern aluminum fence for private yard

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences have been around a little longer than some of these other contemporary fence styles, but their aesthetic still turns heads like few other fences! Aluminum fences stand out thanks to their sleek and slim design – which also boasts enormous strength and durability. While aluminum fences are often made in the signature black shade, there are actually a wide range of color options, ranging from bronze, to white, and even speckled walnut.

Two-Tone Privacy Fence

The only style downside we ever hear about privacy fences is that they can look a bit monotonous due to their size and height. However, these modern fence panels offer an exciting two-tone style paired with the privacy you need. The two-color look is achieved by having the main privacy panel of the fence be one color, while the frame is a completely different one. With color combinations like brown and black, white and tan, and many more, these upscale fences are particular favorites for beautiful inground pools. of our favorite ideas include a putting green, ping-pong table, or cornhole!

Two tone contemporary fence style

Modern faux wood fence panel

Wood Grain Vinyl

These modern fence panels are cutting-edge not just because of their style, but also because of the technology used to create them. While wooden fences create a distinctly rustic aesthetic for your property, true wood requires more maintenance and won’t last as long as other fencing materials. Wood grain vinyl fences, on the other hand, mimic the look of wood, yet they pack all of the advantages of low-maintenance vinyl fences. So, if you love the rustic wood style but want modern convenience, here’s your perfect fence!

Learn more about wood vs vinyl fences right here!


Contemporary Looks, Modern Advantages

All of these contemporary fence styles boast beautiful looks that can augment a variety of different homes and outdoor spaces. While the aesthetic possibilities may be one of the reasons to appreciate these fences, you’ll also love the modern low-maintenance advantages.

All of these fences are made of either vinyl or aluminum. Both of those materials are immune to the rot, mold, and rust that can destroy other fences. That’s why we confidently say that any of these fences will last 50+ years! In addition, vinyl and aluminum fences will never need serious maintenance to look their best. All you need is to wash them with soap and water from time to time!

Contemporary fence style with tan and black vinyl


Get Quotes on These Contemporary Fence Styles

If one or more of these contemporary fence styles caught your eye, we can give you a price to install it at your home. The first step is to schedule an at-home consultation with one of our fence designers. Not only will we be able to help you pick the perfect model, but we’ll take measurements and get you a no-obligation quote to take care of everything.

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help – contact us today to get started!

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