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How to Choose the Right Color and Style for Your Fencing

Want to be a member of the local trend-setter club? It all starts with the exterior of your home – the fence, to be more specific. Nowadays, fences are more than just a safety feature; they’re a way to complete the look of your home.

While to some, choosing a fence color and style is a meaningless chore, to the style-forward homeowner you are, it’s an opportunity to showcase your personal style to your family, neighbors, and the world.

Learn the questions to ask before installing a fence, as well as how to choose a fence color that best matches your house.


The Best Fence Colors & Materials for Each Home Style

Light & Bright: Fence Colors for White, Beige, and Pastel Exteriors 

One of the best things about having the outside of your house be a light shade is that it matches everything.

If you view a fence as nothing more than an extension of the house, then you’ll want something that will blend together seamlessly. Whether you want a white fence to match the white exterior, or a bold fence color to add pizazz, with a neutral home exterior, your fencing color options are truly limitless!



 Dark & Dramatic: Fence Colors for Brown, Black & Grey Homes 

For homes that embrace the darker side of life. To add a little pop to traditional browns, blacks, and greys, choose a fence color that contrasts with the exterior. Although there are several vinyl fence color options, nothing compares a new-to-market, composite fence (as shown below).

Of course, if a standout pop of color is something that sparks your design-interest, you can also opt for a wooden fence painted red, gold, blue, or yellow.


 Bold & Brash: Fence Colors for Uniquely Painted Exteriors 

The color of your fence should serve as a supporting role to your home if the exterior color alone grabs the spotlight for itself. If your home is one that welcomes visitors with a color scheme brighter than a bag of Skittles, a subtle fence color would look best. While these eye-catching exteriors are exciting, it can be challenging for homeowners to find a fence design that complements its one-of-a-kind style.

Keep it simple with a natural stained wood fence color, or a classic white vinyl option. Either choice is a neutral, understated solution to make sure you get the benefits of a privacy fence, while still showcasing the color of your house.


 Cool & Contemporary: Fence Colors for Modern Grey and Blue Siding 

Homes with a cool color palate are gaining popularity all across the country. Luckily, their modern twist makes it easy when choosing a fence color, too! Our top pick? Stick with white.

Wooden, vinyl, and aluminum fences all are available in solid white and are a must for modern fence design.


 Timeless & Textured: Fence Colors for Brick, Stone & Stucco Homes 

There’s nothing like a textured exterior that makes you feel like you own the most enviable home on the block. The addition of a fence shouldn’t change that feeling!

Black is the most commonly used – and most adored – aluminum fence color often paired with brick, stone or stucco houses. However, if you’re looking for a way to separate yourself from the standard, we have great tips for helping you choose the perfect fence color.

Both stucco and stone tend to follow a modern, earthy style. For homes with natural undertones, a natural aluminum fence color, like textured bronze, executes a stunning design.  On the other hand, a white wooden fence is a bold addition to any brick house.


Other Fence Style Considerations:

Just like with any home improvement, there are certain things apply no matter what. Before you begin thinking about choosing a fence color, be sure to consider these questions:

  • Do you have spectacular landscaping? Are your flowerbeds something you take pride it and want to showcase? A more understated aluminum, wood, or vinyl fence color option is something that homeowners with prized landscaping often take interest in.
  • Do you have window shutters or trim? A common rule of thumb is to match your fence with the shutters and trim of your home. Often times, this means black or white fences that compare with the accents of the exterior.
  • What do you want the focal point to be? Consider what you want the main attraction of your property to be. Is it the house, the fence, the landscaping, the pool? Deciding this ahead of time will help determine what fence color will be perfect for you.
  • Is there a HOA you should be respectful of? Some Homeowner’s Associations require specific colors or materials when installing fences. Check with your community to see if you have restrictions.
  • Do you have a pergola, deck, or hardscape already? If you have or are considering adding any of those backyard features, it’s encouraged to match materials between your outdoor living structures and your fence. A vinyl pergola often best to also have a vinyl fence.


Chester County’s Local Fence Design Experts

Ultimately, the decision for choosing the color of your fence is yours! We’re just here to make that decision easier for you.

To learn more about available aluminum, wood, or vinyl fence color options, give the team at Smucker Fencing a call! We have over 13 years of experience installing fences of all colors, shapes, sizes, and heights.

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