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Finding Your Best Backyard Fence

When it comes to your home and your yard, you want the best – and there’s nothing wrong with admitting it! So, when it comes to your fence, you may find yourself wondering, “What is the best backyard fence option?” More importantly, how do you determine which fence is right for your home?

At Smucker Fencing, we’re breaking down the best backyard fences available on the market right now and helping you learn how to decide which is ultimately best for YOU. Keep reading to get the answers you’ve been looking for!

What is the Best Fence Option?

The secret to finding the best backyard fence isn’t a secret anymore! But before we jump in, it’s important to know all of the fencing options you actually have:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Cedar
  • Wrought iron
  • Chain link
  • Vinyl
  • And more!

Although there are clearly several different types of fence materials out there, not all are the best option for you and your home. A lot of homeowners jump on the bandwagon of one certain type of fence just because their neighbors have it, or because they thought it was the only option. Below, we explore the traits of a great fence as well as call out specific materials that make the best backyard fence!

7 Qualities the Best Fence Option Always Has:

  1. Lasts a Lifetime — The first sign of the best fence option is its lifespan. Ask your fence installer how long they predict each fencing material to last and what kind of warranty it’s protected by. At Smucker Fencing, our most popular backyard fences are aluminum and vinyl, both lasting up to 50 years. Talk about long-lasting! Read more about how long a good fence will last.
  2. Maintenance-Free — The best things in life are free…maintenance-free that is! The days of painting, re-staining, and sanding your fence are over. Backyard and front yard fence options like aluminum and vinyl are our personal favorites. While light cleaning is recommended, you’ll never have to lift another paintbrush again!
  3. Privacy Matters — The more privacy the better! That’s why number 3 on our list of traits the best backyard fence has is its degree of privacy. In our professional opinions, the best backyard fence is one that gives you as much privacy as you need — or keeps your view open if you don’t have any neighbors. Matching style to what your personal needs are is a great way to ensure you’re selecting the best fence option.
  4. Strong — Your fence should be strong enough to keep a big dog in your yard and a prying neighbor out! The best fence options are as good as they are sturdy – there’s no room for flimsy fences here!
  5. American-Made — The best backyard fences are those that are built right in your backyard! Well, not literally, of course – we mean fences that are made here in the USA. Fence options made in our great country tend to have more strict manufacturer regulations that ensures no one cuts corners.
  6. Warranties — A long warranty is one of the game-changing elements when selecting your best fence option. While some companies don’t offer ANY warranty on ANY product, we at Smucker Fencing are more than happy to offer a lifetime warranty on aluminum fences, and a 50-year warranty on vinyl fences.
  7. Options for Style — Ultimately, choosing the best fence option doesn’t come down to maintenance requirements or price – it comes down to your personal style. No matter what, you should absolutely love the way your fence looks – whether that’s aluminum, vinyl, wood, or chain link! Get inspired by our fence and railing galleries and find your perfect fit.


Exploring the Best Backyard Fences from Smucker Fencing

Durable aluminum fence in backyard

If you need a little extra help determining which material would be the best fence option for you, or if you’re ready to get started with installation, the team at Smucker Fencing is here to help! With a free quote to start things off, and free consultations to help along the way, our team has been trusted in Lancaster and Chester Counties for over a decade.

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