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Best Aluminum Fence Brand

Aluminum fencing is quickly becoming the in-demand fencing material for upscale homes across the country. The practical benefits of aluminum as well as its distinct beauty make it a standout material. Since at Smucker Fencing we’re committed to providing the very best to our customers, we proudly install what we consider the best aluminum fence brand: Regis Aluminum Fencing.

Keep reading to see the gorgeous styles, to learn more about why we consider Regis the best aluminum fence brand, and to learn how it epitomizes the advantages that make aluminum such a fantastic choice. However, if you’re ready to get started bringing a new fence to your home, reach out to schedule a consultation and quote!

Regis aluminum fence and estate gate in front yard


Why We Choose Regis Aluminum Fencing

As an independent fence installer, we could order our aluminum fences from any company and manufacturer. Year after year, we choose Regis Aluminum Fencing because it offers the advantages our customers care about. These are 5 of the main reasons we choose Regis Aluminum Fence:

  1. Gorgeous Style Options – The sleek and slim style of aluminum is one of the major reasons behind its surge in popularity. It only makes sense that one of the best aluminum fence brands would have exceptional aesthetic options. When you work with us, you can choose countless custom touches like the number of rails, the spears and finials, and even the color.
  2. No Maintenance Needed – Not only should your new fence complete your outdoor look in stunning fashion, but it should be easy to own, too. What we mean by that is if you buy a deluxe fence material like aluminum, you’ll never need to re-paint or re-stain your fence the entire time you have it. That is a central benefit of Regis Aluminum Fences, which are designed to be 100% maintenance free. Learn more about no-maintenance and low-maintenance fences.
  3. Lasts a Lifetime – Not only will your Regis fence not require yearly work to stay strong and look its best, but it will last a lifetime. Once we install an aluminum fence for you, you’ll never need to worry about it or think about replacing it. If you’re planning to stay in your current home forever, then investing in aluminum fencing can actually be a really smart financial move.
  4. Different Grade Options – One of the other factors that makes Regis one of the best aluminum fence brands is that they make different fence grades available. While their standard residential grade fences are perfect for most homeowners, some prefer commercial grade fences. These commercial grade aluminum fences are stronger and more durable, for maximum yard security or keeping big and rambunctious pups safely in your yard. Read about the best pet fences for different pups and more
  5. USA-Manufactured – Since quality construction matters on every fence panel every time, we prefer fences that are built in the USA. All Regis Aluminum Fences are built by Digger Specialties right here in the United States. Plus, buying Regis is also a good way to support manufacturing jobs here, too!


Also Offering a Wide Range of Other Fence Materials 

While there’s no question that Regis Aluminum Fences are a stellar choice and they’re our pick for the best aluminum fence brand, there are other great fence materials on the market as well. In particular, luxury vinyl fences provide similar long lifespans and low-maintenance benefits as aluminum. In addition, vinyl fences make great privacy fences and have a very distinct, equally upscale aesthetic.

While vinyl fences are one of the most popular alternatives to aluminum, at Smucker Fencing, we also offer several types of attractive wooden fencing as well.

Regis aluminum fencing backyard


Get Your Quote on the Best Aluminum Fence Brand   

If you want to bring home what we and many others consider the best aluminum fence brand, reach out right now. The first step is scheduling a consultation to discuss your style preferences, measure your yard, and provide you with a free quote.

Team members are standing by – reach out right now to start the conversation!

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