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Amazing Garden Fence Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Pinterest can only get you so far when it comes to garden fence design ideas. The pictures look nice, but you’ve got of questions: “Is this affordable? What does the maintenance look like? How can I decide between vinyl and wood?”.

We’re here to help you discover the design secrets – and get the answers you’re looking for – from the experts who have been doing this for over 13 years. The first step in building that secluded backyard courtyard is the fence that surrounds it.

Welcome spring with fresh blooms and the most spectacular backyard garden and create a private sanctuary with inspiration from these garden fence ideas.


The Warmest Welcome

Garden Arbor with White Vinyl Fence

First thing’s first: Let’s talk about your garden’s entryway. How are you welcoming your new guests when they enter your oasis?

You want to make it a grand entrance – one that will “wow” your guests from their very first step inside. One of the most creative ways to accomplish that is with the beauty of a graceful arbor. Nothing says high-class like a high-arching arbor! Almost all of our best garden fence ideas go well with an arbor.

White vinyl or stained wood tend to be the most popular choices for a garden entrance. With all the stylistic options that go along with the materials, there is something for everyone’s taste. Check out our gallery of vinyl and wood arbors installed throughout Chester County, PA and beyond!


Privacy Garden Fence Ideas

Wooden Garden Privacy Fence Idea with Lattice Top

Are you in need of a big garden fence, but are working with a small budget?

To protect your garden from prying eyes and flower’s worst animal enemies, a tall privacy fence is the affordable garden fence idea to capitalize on.

What separates a privacy fence from a regular fence is that there are no spaces in between the slats – meaning nosy neighborhood frenemies won’t be able to peak through, and hungry deer won’t be able to reach through.

Now, that’s not so say that your solid wood or vinyl garden fence design can’t be a part of the overall aesthetic. A lattice top, as shown in the photo below, adds that extra pop of pizzazz and character all homeowners crave. Though wooden fences may need a tad more time to maintain than vinyl, our experts have put together an effective wooden fence spring cleaning guide  you’ll love!


Picket Garden Fence Ideas

White picket fence in backyard garden

When you hear the term, “white picket fence”, it probably flashes remembrance of the old American dream in your mind. In today’s modern world however, a white or wooden picket fence is the simple garden fence idea for homeowners with a minimalistic or timeless style. Picket fences are a classic – no doubt! But many homeowners don’t realize that they also are the perfect fit for a garden fence design.

For the homeowners blessed with a stunning backyard view, a picket fence is the answer you’ve been looking for! Because of its wider spacing between slats, you won’t lose any of that cover-worthy view with the addition of this fence. Plus, the unique shape and spacing of picket fences allow vines and flowers to grow around, in-between, and over them.

Of course, if you are hoping to gain some privacy with your garden fence, this may not be the optimal option for you. But, if style and a low maintenance level are your top priority, a picket fence is your best garden fence ideas!


Lattice Fences for Gardens

Chester County Garden Fence and Lattice

Probably the most common and the most simple garden fence design is the lattice styled aluminum fence. A full lattice fence is another one of those garden fence design ideas that, like a picket fence, allows plants to grow through, and doesn’t obstruct the view of your yard. Plus, it has all of the other benefits of aluminum fences that homeowners love.

Lattice fences can also be used as a natural interior wall within your garden to separate seating spaces from growing sections.

If you’re working with a smaller space, we highly recommend a lattice fence because it’s open design makes gardens with limited square footage seem bigger. They’re affordable, on-trend, and are one of the Smucker Fencing specialties!


Bring Your Garden Fence Ideas to Life

Whether you have elaborate or simple garden fence ideas, we want to help make your dreams come true!

If you’re ready to get started early on your spring or summer plans for a new garden fence for your yard, Smucker Fencing is here to help you! With 4 material options and over 25 style options, we have something to fit all preferences and price points.

Get started today with a free fencing quote as well as a free consultation.

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